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Hey beaut's!

Back in June, Benefit launched a range of 13 brow-enhancing products, some where new to Benefit and some where already existing but they all had a packaging face lift and new shades where added, woohoo. Obviously being the makeup obsessed beauty blogger that I am this launch had me extremely excited and left me lusting after some of the products, luckily for me and other Benefit addicts out there, Benefit actually collaborated with three magazines featuring free deluxe size samples of their brand new brow pencil Goof Proof, brand new brow gel Ready, Set, Brow! and already excited tinted brow gel Gimme Brow, so of course I picked all three magazines up and I thought I'd give you an over view of what I think of all three brow products today!
I'll kick things off with the all new Goof Proof Brow Pencil which is the first thing I use when filling in my brows, this features a custom, non-sharpen “goof proof” diamond shaped tip making the application process super easy because it's always on a slanted angle, so I just use broad strokes to fill in my brows and use the diamond pointed tip to add in individual brow hairs if needed and then I blend everything with a spoolie for a somewhat natural look. The formula and texture of the Goof Proof Brow Pencil is lovely, it's well pigmented, waxy but not dry and blends easily with a spoolie before it sets and let me tell you once this bad boy has set on me theres no budging it. The formula is also waterproof which is great especially at this time of the year and it doesn't flake off at either. Check out my full review HERE.

Next up is the Ready, Set, Brow Gel, this is a clear brow gel designed to shape, seal and set brows in place all day. Now I'm a huge brow gel fan, I have quite naughty, unruly brow hairs that I have to set into place everyday after I've filling them in so I couldn't wait to give this new brow gel from Benefit a whirl. The formula of this one is lovely, the gel sets relatively quickly and doesn't feel super wet or sticky in the slightest, it's super undetectable too, meaning you cant seen the gel in my brow hairs once the gel has set, it's like it's invisible. The lasting power is absolutely amazing which is a running theme with these Benefit brow products, my brows simply look the same at night when I take my makeup off as they did in the morning when I first applied the gel. Check out my full review HERE
Lastly but in no means least is the Gimme Brow, this is a tinted brow gel that contains tiny micro fibres that adhere to skin and hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. I switch between this and the Ready, Set, Brow Gel to set my brows into place but because Gimme Brow is tinted I find this works better when I want a fuller more bolder looking brow. I can even get away with wearing just Gimme Brow gel alone sometimes when I want a natural look and I find this is such a versatile brow gel. Again the formula is lovely and the staying power is incredible! 

Have you tried any of Benefits new brow products? Which is your favourite? I'd love to know!



  1. ooh this looks so interesting never tried benefit but hoping to one day

  2. I have been loving the benefit free brow products my fav is gimme brow xoxo


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