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Our friends over at Makeup Revolution are literally killing it with their new releases at the moment, they just keep getting better and better and still offer affordable prices and amazing makeup and tools. This time around Makeup Rev have launched some fancy new makeup brushes, blending sponges and sets that have me seriously excited, so say hello to the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection.
The Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection* (£14.99) consists of four makeup tools in total, theres three beautiful brushes and one blending sponge all of which have been specifically cut and shaped for the perfect application of contouring, sculpting and blending of the face, cheeks and eyes. Each brush is made from the finest, super soft, synthetic hair, making them work amazingly well with cream, liquid and powder makeup and can we just take the time appreciate their on-trend rose gold handles, my goodness these are super good looking makeup brushes he he.
Onto the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection run down...
Powder, Sculpt & Blend Brush
The Powder, Sculpt & Blend Brush is great for blending out any contouring you may have mapped out but best of all this is a pretty epic foundation brush, because of the super soft bristles and it's flat top it works incredibly well as a buffing brush and buffs foundation seamlessly into the skin. Im defietly going to get lots of use out of this little beauty.

Cheek & Highlight Sculpt & Blend Brush
The Cheek & Highlight Sculpt & Blend brush is my best buddie when it comes to sculpting, it's the perfect shape, size and angle for me to apply cream or powder contour onto the hollows of my cheeks, around my jaw line and down the sides of my nose, even though it is a super soft brush it's also very dense which really is great for precision and allows you to contour like a queen. 

Ultra Metals Eyeshadow Blender
The third and final brush in this collection is the Ultra Metals Eyeshadow Blender, this is simply incredible at blending out eyeshadow work especially in the crease area, the super soft bristles make light work at leaving a seamless finish and I'd go as far as saying this is up there with my all time favourite eyeshadow blending brushes! Of course you could still use the Eyeshadow Blender for precise highlighting and blending in concealer but I just adore it for eyeshadow work.

Foundation & Base Blending Sponge
The final piece of the Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection is the AMAZING blending sponge. This little beauty hasn't left my side since I got it in terms of applying my foundation and concealer because it just leaves me with an airbrushed, flawless finish. To use the sponge I simple submerge it in water until it doubles in size, squeeze the excess water out and use the rounded bottom and sides to press/bounce my base makeup on, the pointed tip of the sponge is really handy too and great for precision, it really gets into those hard to reach areas like around the nose and eye area, ohhhh I do love this little sponge A LOT.

Overall I'm so happy with this little collection and I'd really recommend picking it up if your looking for some great quality, affodable makeup brushes that cover most bases, it would also make a fab Christmas present or stocking filler too. I must add since using the brushes I haven't experienced any shedding bristles at all and I did give them a quick little wash last night and they washed well and still feel nice an soft against my skin too.

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection retails for £14.99 and can be found on the Superdrug website or the Makeup Revolution site.



  1. These brushes are so gorgeous! The sponge sounds incredible.

  2. These are so pretty! I'm really considering picking this set up, I think my beauty blender is reaching the end of its days and the brushes sound brilliant!

    Jess xo

  3. These brushes are so beautiful. Would you say the blender is comparable to the beauty blender?

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. I'm desperate to get my hands on the eyeshadow blender brush. It looks amazing! x

    Jordan Alice

  5. The kit looks absolutely amazing, I need to take a cheeky look at MR website soon haha xx

    Le Petit Trianon

  6. This looks like such a lovely set! There are so many pretty brushes out at the moment, I don't even know where to start!

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

  7. These look gorgeous! I haven't checked out this brand before, but I've heard lots about them so I'l have to have a look!

  8. This is a really nice set and is so pretty! I'm loving the affordable price too. Thanks for the review. :)

  9. They look great.....but do they always have to rip off another brand?

    Amelia Rose | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

  10. I really want to try out this set, £14.99 for three brushes seems like great value for money! x
    Louise |

  11. These look so amazing and I love the rose gold! xx

    Jessica Ann ♥


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