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In September KIKO launched their Autumn collection aptly named Midnight Siren, the collection consists of a good mixture of products from eyeliners to lipsticks plus much more, all of which come in darker more sultry shades and the packaging is just beautiful, it all has a blackened purple duo-chrome theme which definitely echoes the darker nights ahead. I'm quite new to KIKO so I was soooo happy to finally be able to try some of their products and this range seemed a good place to start so today I thought I share with you all my thoughts on the Midnight Siren Collection.

The first product I couldn't wait to try was the Silk Pearl Illuminating Bronzer mainly because the packaging just lured me in, the bronzer sits inside a large plastic ball that reminds me of a Pacman from the side, it's not very practical I must admit because it just takes up so much room in my makeup bag but it's definitely eye catching an sturdy that's for sure. The bronzer itself is split into three strips of colour, firstly the largest strip contains a semi-matte dark bronzer that has just enough coolness to make it suitable to contour with as well as bronze, the second strip is a semi-matte light to medium bronzer shade which is great if your slightly scared of bronzer like I am and the last strip is a pretty intense gold highlight shade that isn't really shimmery but adds a real glow to the skin. The formula of this bronzer has literally blown my mind, I've never comes across a powder that is literally as silky and soft as butter and it has such intense colour pay off, it's honestly incredible. 

Next up is the KIKO Midnight Siren Face Brush which is ideal for applying and blending setting powders or bronzer and is exactly what I've been using it for. The fluffy, dense synthetic bristles really ensure the powder is dusted on evenly and blended flawlessly and it's honestly the softest Kabuki style brush I have ever felt, I literally cant stop running my fingers across the top of the bristles as it feels so nice he he.

These Dark Tide Eyeliners are pretty epic, I have the shades Black which is just your typical, straight up matte jet black and Intriguing Blue which is a very deep matte navy both of which have such a creamy, strongly pigmented formula and are so smooth to apply. The lasting power on these is great, both set within around 30 seconds and wont move or budge thereafter which is amazing if you like popping eyeliner into your lower waterline like I do. I also love the packaging on these because they have a twist up function which makes it so much easier and save all that time sharpening like I have to do with kohl pencils. Overall I'm so chuffed with these, so if your look for bold, intense colour payoff that wont move or smudge these are the beauties to go for.

The KIKO Moon Shadow Eyeshadow Sticks are available in four gorgeous shades but I have Attractive Plum which is a deep blackened plum shade with tiny purple micro shimmers running through it, perfect for smokey eye looks and the up and coming party season. The formula of these Moon Shadow Sticks in amazing, it has such a creamy, velvety, light texture that blends with ease and is so long lasting without creasing, the only thing I have noticed is that you have to work fast when blending these eyeshadow sticks out because it sets quite rapidly so I would suggest working on one eye at time. 

And lastly but in no means least is the Matte Muse Lipstick in Embellished Peony, I couldn't quite believe this was a lipstick to begin with because the packaging actually looks so much like a nail polish doesn't it he he. The Matte Muse Lipsticks are actually liquid lipsticks that are available in six shades ranging from pinks, purples and reds which all look gorgeous, I have the shade Embellished Peony which is a muted mid tone rosy pink shade perfect for everyday wear and is super matte. The Muse Matte Lipsticks apply extremely creamy and you do get quite a bit of time to perfect your pout before the lipstick sets but once it has set that's it theres no going back. Wear time for me was a good 4 hours until I ate and then I had to reapply which I thought was pretty good, the only thing I will say about the Matte Muse lippie's is if you do suffer from dryer lips then these definitely wont be for you because they are just soooo matte, I even find myself whacking on the lip balm after wearing it and I don't really suffer with dry lips usually. 
Overall Im super impressed with everything I tried from KIKO's Midnight Siren Collection and it's defietly got me lusting after more of their products because the quality is just brillaint!

Have you tried anything from KIKO before beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know.



  1. I love the look of the blue liner shade, it looks really pretty and a little bit different than the usual black :)

    Jess xo

  2. The bronzer looks gorgeous! I love the packaging too. x

    Jordan Alice

  3. Ohh so pretty! Want them all!

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  4. I may not be practical, but that bronzer looks gorgeous <3

    Wendy |

  5. I absolutely love KIKO and these products look gorgeous!!!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird / Win a MAC lipstick

  6. I was really impressed with this range when I received it, the Silk Pearl Illuminating Bronzer is so gorgeous!

  7. Wow... everything looks amazing. I really want to try their Rebel Romantic collection out too.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird


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