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 I've really been getting into skincare a lot recently, its quite surprising to be honest because in the past a quick cleanse and moisturise would work for me but as I'm getting older I decided I really wanted to look after my skin and keep it in the best condition I can, so I needed to get a full skincare routine in place that I was happy with and finally I can say that I have with help of Emma Hardie (review coming soon) and Lush. Whilst on the hunt for a good skincare routine I knew I needed/wanted a good face mask. Id heard so many good things about Lush's face masks so I just I had to treat myself to one and I went for the popular and much loved Mask of Magnaminty.
Mask Of Magnaminty is a multi-purpose mask that can be used on your face and body and is made with purely natural ingredients including honey, ground aduki beans, evening primrose seeds, peppermint oil, African marigold oil and that just to name a few but trust me girls theres nothing but goodness in this mask. Mask Of Magnaminty's main purpose is to clean, calm and clear the skin so it's perfect is you have any problematic areas and I find it works amazingly on those pesky hormonal breakouts that I tend to get. 
The application process of Mask Of Magnaminty is very clean and easy, it has a very thick and creamy consistency so you don’t have to use an awful lot to cover your whole face and because it isn't runny it doesn't drip or run everywhere in your bathroom either which is a bonus. The mask also has a bit of a lumpy texture which is the ground aduki beans and primrose seeds, these work amazingly as they act as the exfoliate, so when you (gently) scrub the mask off, the beans exfoliate your skin at the same time, brilliant! Obviously being named Mask Of Magnaminty I expected a minty scent and oh my it smells just like mint ice cream its sooooo, well... lush ha ha. The mint really has a cooling effect on my skin and helps reduce any redness I might have at the time, it's amazing for around my nose that's for sure. 
You are directed to leave the mask on for five to ten minutes and I usually go for the full ten minutes just because I really want to mask to work deep into my skin. After ten minutes the mask becomes quite hard and your face will feel very tight and then you can begin having plenty of fun making silly faces trying to make the mask crack, there really is something very satisfying about making those funny faces whilst having a mask on isn't there he he. You will need a flannel or some sort of facial sponge to remove the mask as it is very thick and tends to hug your skin and wont want to be removed with just warm water, but afterwards my skin feels so soft, smooth, moisturised, polished, calmed, clean and theres not a piece of dry, flaky skin or redness in sight woohoo, I love it and cant recommend it enough beaut's!

Whats your favourite Lush mask beaut's?? I'd love to know!!



  1. I really, really want to get a Lush face mask. I was going to get cupcake but may have a look at this one too!

    Rachael at

  2. I've actually just bough a lettuce based face mask from Lush (cant remember what's called) and it is the first one I buy...ever! Looking forward to using it :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I always hear great things about this face mask, its on my wishlist for sure! xo

  4. I have tried this mask and it is so amazing. Sadly, Lush withdrew it's services from India.
    nice review :)
    Please follow me on GFC

  5. I really want to try this! Loved the post! xx

  6. I've recently bought this mask from Lush and like you, I am absolutely in love with it!! It calms down any breakdowns and leaves my skin feeling and looking so nourished - I will definitely repurchase this!!

    Rachel | x


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