Lush Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb Review

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It's been a hot minute since I last done a Lush review, so a few weeks ago I popped into Lush and treated myself to a couple of bath bombs that where completely new to me, granted some of them where for Mother's Day so theres no point in me reviewing them now however I did pick up a little cutie called 'Yellow Submarine' which was just too cute to leave, cue bursting into song 'we're all going on a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine' ha ha! 
The Lush Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb is shaped just as a submarine and is bright yellow in colour with some bright pink peeking through, it's definitely as bath bomb that looks fun and dare I say it again, cute! The smell of the Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb is what really had me sold though, it smells absolutely AMAZING! It contains combination of Brazilian orange oil, coriander seed oil and lemongrass oil which gives it a zesty, tropical kick but theres some definite sweet coconut vibes going on too, strangely though I cant find anything on the Lush website to say it contains anything coconut-y but it definitely has a light, sweet coconut scent which is bloody gorgeous. Because it's quite zesty it's a nice uplifting bath bomb to use, so perfect if your in need of a bit of a pick me up, it's great in a morning bath too.

When I popped the Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb into my bath it didn't whizz or bop about much but was quite a slow, gentle fizzer, as it fizzed away it produced lots of bright yellow and hot pink streams however the finishing colour of the bath water was a bright yellow and it smelt divine! I never experienced any staining on my bath which is a major plus and if you don't like glittery bath bombs this one might be for you as there wasn't a single piece of glitter or shimmer in sight! A fab tip with this one is to wash your hair in the water, not only will your skin feel soft and smell great but the scent really clings onto your hair and it smells amazing for days! I really cant recommend the Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb enough if your looking for something uplifting with tropical scents running through it!

You can find the Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb for £3.95 HERE.



  1. I used this bath bomb the other week and it's so delicious! Definitely one of my faves from Lush xx

    Lucy |

  2. I actually have this bath bomb and haven't used it yet!! Definitely need to pop it in the bath soon!! Looks fantastic, might have to have a bath tonight!! xx


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