Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask Review

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Oh I do love a pamper sesh, theres nothing like snuggling up in your favourite PJ's with plenty of choccies to hand, with Netflix on (obvs), nail polish at the ready and of course a face mask, and recently when I was browsing in Superdrug I noticed Garnier had a tissue mask I was yet to try - their Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask - so I had to buy it!

The Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask is an all in one, ultra thin sheet mask which is suitable for all skin types - even the most sensitive - but is especially targeted for those with enlarged pores. The mask itself is infused with a serum that has been enriched with Black Algae Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and LHA making this an ultra hydrating, purifying and pore-tightening mask that will also reduce shine too, perfect for more oily/combination girls! To apply the mask you simply remove it from the packaging, whack it on your face and then terrify everyone who you live with for 15-20 minutes *my dog always gives me so many funny looks when I wear sheet masks*, and then simply peel it off to remove it without any need of scrubbing or rinsing, perfect! Whilst the mask is on you'll notice that the mask itself is absolutely drenched in serum, personally I love this because once you take the mask off theres still plenty of serum left on my face to rub into my skin, so my skin really gets all the benefits. There isn't much of a scent to this mask and it's doesn't tingle of warm up whilst it's on either which I much prefer as my skins more on the sensitive side!
The results I got after using the Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask where great, my skin felt super moisturised but not oily or shiny in any way, it was really soft and so so smooth and although I didn't see a huge difference in the size of my pores initially, the next day after applying my makeup my pores where barley visible and my makeup looked so smooth and flawless, so I would definitely say it shrinks/tightened those pesky pores. I have to say I'm a huge fan of Garnier's sheet masks, their so easy to apply and don't slip off midway through the application, their mess and fuss free and for a couple a pounds in Superdrug you really cant go wrong!

You can find the Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask in Superdrug for £1.99 HERE.



  1. I'm such a big fan of Garnier products!! I've never tried out this mask tho! I like that it didn't leave your face shiny. That's my biggest problems with masks!! Thanks for the recommendation! Have a great week!
    Melanie | Toots + Dill Blog

  2. This masks sounds so nice, and my dog is the same when I use a facemask xxx

  3. I'm not a massive fan of sheet masks, however, this one looks really good!


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