Mini Essence Makeup Haul ♥

Hey beaut's!

Essence is a brand that I seem to be seeing a lot in the beauty world at the moment, I've tried a couple of their makeup products over the past year which Ive received in beauty boxes and absolutely loved them so when I saw my local Wilkinson's had an Essence makeup stand I just knew I had to grab a couple of things to try. 
The first thing that caught my eye was their Long lasting Lipstick in the shade On The Catwalk - a pretty neutral burgundy red colour, with strong pink undertones to it. I've tried this a few time since buying it an absolutely love it, the formula is gorgeous and glides effortlessly on lips and feels so hydrating without that tacky or waxy feeling and as the name would suggest it's super long lasting. I think this particular shade of burgundy red will be prefect to wear during the day in the Autumn/Winter months because the colour pay off is still there but it isn't too out there. 
Next I opted for a Lip Liner in the shade Satin Mauve - a dusty rose colour. This is gorgeous and creates such a kardashian-esk pout when used with a nude lipstick in the centre, arhhh I love it! The texture is so soft, almost buttery which makes it so easy to apply, it literally glides smoothly over the very delicate skin of my lips and doesn't drag at all, I'm going to go back and buy every shade of lip liner that's they have because they are only £1.00 each and I'd go as far as saying they are the best liners I've ever come across. 
I then noticed some liquid liners and I'm obsessed with a winged liner look so I thought I'd give one a go so I went for their standard Eyeliner Pen (Extra Long lasting) in Black. I've worn this a couple of times so far and going on my first impressions I don't really like the formula, don't get me wrong the felt tip nib is easy enough to use but the pigmentation after 2 uses is pretty poor and it isn't bold or intense like I'd want it to be and how it was the first two times I used it, it's literally like it's run out after being used twice. On the two occasions I did wear the eyeliner pen I found that the 'extra long lasting' formula was pretty poor because it fades throughout the day and generally doesn't last very long at all. 
Lastly I opted for The Gel Nail Polish in True Love - a gorgeous berry red creme shade with a strong pink undertone. I think this shade is going to be my go to shade throughout the Autumn/Winter months, I blooming love it! The formula itself is nicely pigmented and is opaque with two coats, and it has the most gorgeous glossy finish.

Have you tried any makeup from Essence beaut's?? Whats your favourite product?? I'd love to know!!



  1. Love the lipstick shade!

    Lotté |

  2. Essence is my all time favorite drugstore brand and all of the products you got are actually some of my favorites. I do a ton of reviews on Essence products over on my blog if you're ever interested !

    Check out my blog?
    Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin' | Facebook Group for Bloggers

  3. These look gorgeous, I have never used essence before but I have heard such good things about it.

    Miss Blog|

  4. I have "On the catwalk" too...and it was a love at first sight! :D
    I passed my driving exam, so I wanted to buy myself a "little something"...(a gift from me to me...:D)
    I choose this, because it had (and has) such a lovely colour...looked classy...
    One of my favourite shades since then...On me it is not as "long lasting" as it promised...or as I expected...but I don't care, because its color is perfect for school days too...:D

    From lipliners i bought the transparent (I have lots of lipstick...lots of different shades...), but I think the quality is quite good...(And it's incredibly cheap too...)

    (I have the same eyeliner too, but I think I lost it...I couldn't find it anywhere...:/)

    When I was a little teenage girl, I loved essence...It was cheap, colorful, and comfortable to use...Nowadays I don't really like its quality (too many things were changed), but it is cheap, and I am a student - so I still often buy makeup from the brand...:D

  5. I absolutely love Essence for their affordable and quite great quality products, their lip liner as amazing! xx


  6. Love their lip liners! Really want to try some nail polishes and lipsticks!


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