Partylite Beach Fun Mini Jar Candle Trio Review

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If you've read my blog for a while you'll probably know I'm a huge candle fan, I'm just obsessed and usually have a candle burning everyday in my house because not only does my house then smell amazing everyday but I find candles are just so inviting and homely. As you may have seen the other week I've recently been testing out some candles by Partylite, I  loved their  Forbidden Fruits Mini Jar Trio (review here) so today I thought I'd share my thoughts on their Beach Fun scent.

The Partylite Beach Fun Scented Mini Jar Trio* (£24.95) is as you'd expect  gorgeously summery and refreshing making them perfect to burn at this time of year. The three candle glass jars have a cute beach theme with little fishies, beach balls and suns painted on, and the colours of the candle wax itself just scream summer to me. 
The first candle within the trio is Poolside Passion, this one smells really tropical to me and the mango, rum and lime scents really do come though. Next we have Beach Baby, again another tropical scent but this time pineapple and creamy coconut are immediately detected, I have to admit this is my favourite scent out of the three, the coconut just smells divine and the look of the candle itself is just so pretty. Lastly we have Skinny Sipping, this one is really refreshing and has a definite blend of grapefruit and green apple in there. I'd say the scents overall really remind me of cocktails and I'm guessing that's what Partylite had in mind with this Beach Fun Collection because the scents really so have that summer cocktail vibe which is absolutely lush! Each candle has a burn time of 20-30 hours and really throws out a good amount of scent, literally minutes after lighting these candles the scent starts wafting through my entire house and you can really smell it without it being too strong or overpowering. I tend to burn each candle for around 2 hours and I find that's enough for the scent to linger in my house for hours afterwards which is a major bonus and means you get so many uses out of each candle.
Overall I'm so impressed with the Partylite Beach Fun Mini Jar Trio, they really feel and look like such luxurious candles and they're definitely comparable to some of the higher end brands I've tried, not to mention they make my house smell absolutely amazing! You can find the Partylite Beach Fun Mini Jar Trio along with the rest of the Beach Fun Collection HERE.


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  1. Wow, these candles are so cute! I think the decorations on the glass are a really nice touch - something you'd actually want to display in the summer time!
    Megan x


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