Miners Cosmetics NEW Strawberry Tin o 'Tint | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Recently the lovelies over at Miners Cosmetics, very kindly sent me one of their NEW Strawberry flavoured Tin o'Tint lip balms to try so I just had to share my thoughts with you all. I'm already a huge fan of Miners Cosmetics Tin o'Tint lip balms, Cherry being one of my absolute favourites but if you haven't heard of them before they are specially designed lip balms which tint 'n' care at the same time. The award winning range is made up of 7 delicious shades, Cherry, Watermelon, Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit, Cocoa Bean, Mango and the brand new Strawberry edition, all of which have an added moisturising formulation, claiming our lips will be left feeling soft and smooth with a hint of gorgeous colour, sounds great to me and perfect to have in my handbag on the go.
The very first thing that caught my eye about the Strawberry Tin o 'Tint was just how cute the packaging is, it is quite youthful looking but I love it, it's one of those balms that when you get it out of your bag to use your friend is like 'Ohh whats that? That looks lovely', it's very eye catching indeed. The generous 12g of product is placed inside a nice sturdy tin with a secure pull off lid which is very reminiscent to the Vaseline tins although Miners offering is slightly bigger and taller. The formula of the Tin o 'Tint balm is quite hard in the pan, certainly alot harder than a Vaseline balm and I find you need to work your finger on the surface of the balm to 'warm it up' slightly before it's easy to apply onto the lips. Once on the lips it is slightly sticky but has that smooth feeling at the same time, it's not an unbearably sticky where your hair gets stuck to your lips but I do notice that it has that tacky feeling to it. The pigmentation of the balm is rather impressive, it's a gorgeous classic red shade to swatch and on the lips it creates a light red sheen and certainly makes my lips look more plush ha ha. The smell of the balm is seriously yummy, it smells just like a punnet of Strawberry's it's so scrumptious, as for lasting power... I can definitely feel the balm on my lips for a good hour or so but can feel the moisturising benefits for a good couple of hours after which is nice.
Overall I think the NEW Strawberry Tin o 'Tints is great, and perfect to just chuck in your handbag for on the go or if your going for a more natural makeup look the Tin o 'Tint works well. I just love the fact that they give your lips that dose of moister and add a pretty, glossy tint all at the same time and the scent is literally insane, I love it! 

You can buy the Tin o 'Tint collection from the Miners Cosmetics website for an impressive £2.99 each.

Have you tried any of the Tin o 'Tints?? What flavours do you have?? I'd love to know.



  1. I love the packaging, this seems like the perfect handbag staple x


    1. It's so cute isnt it! Defo a handbag staple hehe :) xoxo

  2. I am lip balm crazy, I love to have a whole collection of them haha! I have dry lips you see so I'm always buying more and more. This one looks so cute and nice, especially adorable packaging haha. Must try this!

    Jemma :) x

    1. Haha I seem to have collected loads of lip balms too, I get really sucked into the tinted balms and the Maybelline Baby Lips range haha, arhhh well you can never have too many lol

  3. The packaging is adorable, but I have never heard of this company before. I must look them up properly.
    Angie x

    1. I have quite a few bits from Miners and love them all, defo a brand worth checking out :) xoxo


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