Makeup Revolution NEW Velvet Lip Lacquers

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Today I'm back with another exciting Makeup Revolution related post, I literally cant get enough of Makeup Revolution at the moment, I'm obsessed! As Autumn/Winter is fast approaching Makeup Revolution thought they would take us over to the dark side and treat us to 4 all new Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer shades, so I thought I'd review them for you all today.
Makeup Revolutions 4 all new Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer shades are Velvet Vamp* a dark purple, Velvet Rebel* a berry-red wine shade, Velvet Depravity* a blue based, bright lilac shade and Velvet Black Heart* a gothic looking dark purple which is very similar to Velvet Vamp but its a smidge darker, and I have to just say straight away that these shades are literally liquid lipsticks on steroids, they are incredible! You may notice that the shades of the lip lacquers are the same shades as the lipstick with the same/similar names ( 100% Vamp, Rebel with cause, Depraved and Black Heart) which for some reason pleased me silly amounts, I love makeup that matches he he.
All 4 of the new shades are packed full of pigmentation and are opaque after just one swipe, I would suggest making sure your lips are moisturised or prepped with a nice lip scrub+lip balm before you apply the lacquers because they all dry completely matte after a minute or so, so if you have dry-flaky lips the lacquers wont sit as comfortably. Also I have found that because the lip lacquers are such bold, intense colours theres not much room for error whilst applying them because if you do make a mistake its quite hard to correct, they certainly aren't something you can whack on in a rush or without a mirror so just bare that in mind.
The lasting power of the lip lacquers is simply incredible, once your chosen shade is on your lips and it has set theres literally no budging it, its amazing! After testing all 4 of the lacquers out they all wore the same and lasted on my lips around 6-7 hours before they started to fade slightly in the middle of my lips and that's with me eating and drinking all day, they also never transferred on cups or kisses making it perfect for any date nights with your boyfriend he he. A little tip if you do struggle with the removing the lip lacquers at the end of the day/night is to use something oil based as it breaks down the matte lacquers instantly, I just pop a small amount of olive oil or extra virgin olive oil on a cotton pad, dab it over my lips then swipe away and it comes off in one go, so please done scrub at your lips beaut's ha ha. 

Overall I'd highly recommend these little beauties because the quality is outstanding, they last on my lips brilliantly and they are so affordable at just £3.00 each, wowza! My favourite shade has to be Velvet Rebel because its just that ultimate Autumn/Winter shade and one of my favourite colours of all time, I know I'm going to be rocking Velvet Rebel constantly and when I wear it I seem to get asked all the time what I'm wearing on my lips which is always nice he he.

What  Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer is your favourite beaut's?? I'd love to know!



  1. Wow they look luscious! Im loving the Velvet Rebel Shade, love red tones!

    Going to definitely try these out!

    Lovely Post.. xx

    Following you on Bloglovin also!

    Be You

  2. Ooh I just tried a couple of the velvet lacquers - really keen to try more and I think the Rebel one looks perfect for a/w :)

    Jayde x

  3. Velvet Rebel looks stunning! But I'm unsure how much I'd wear the other shades, as gorgeous as the two darker ones are!

  4. OMG love the colors! Need them in my collection :D xx

    Mary Bloomy

  5. I love Velvet Rebel! It is the perfect autumn shade x


  6. These look amazing! The colours are perfect for Autumn!

    Charlotte //


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