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You may already know that I'm a huge Vichy fan, their dermerblend setting powder is my absolute favourite of all the setting powders in the land he he and I'm on my second bottle of their Idealia Life Serum ( review here ) so when I heard that an eye cream was going to be Vichy Idealia's next big thing I just new I had to try it, so say hello to Vichy's Idealia Eyes*.
The aim of Idealia Eyes eye cream is to transform the skins quality and colour around our eyes contour in one easy step, and its all down to the amazing Idealia formula! The formula of Idealia Eyes is light, but it feels luxuriously hydrating which is great for any dry skin suffers like myself that find it hard to keep the eye area moisturised. The eye cream is enriched with instant illuminators to brighten the eye area, which I find works amazingly in the mornings when all my eyes want to do is go back to sleep ha ha. The formula of Idealia Eyes also has a combination of DRM-Bright complex & Vitamin B3 which work on reducing those pesky dark circles, Vitamin CG to smooth out any fine lines, Caffeine to energise and Vichy’s signature Thermal Spa Water will help to soothe the delicate skin around your eyes and if kept in the fridge it will reduce puffy eyes in an instant. The Idealia Eyes eye cream has also been tested under dermatological & ophthalmological control, is hypoallergenic, suitable for contact lense wearers and contains no parabens, wowza this stuff is incredible!
The way I like to apply Idealia Eyes is either by popping a pea sized amount on the back of my hand then I use my ring finger to gently massage the product around my eye area or.... You may have noticed the eye cream has a somewhat unique silicone applicator, this stops alot of mess as you can just run the applicator around the eye to get even distribution of the product, its also very useful when you've stored the eye cream in the fridge as its feels like an extra cooling agent to reduce puffiness he he.
Ive been using Idealia Eyes every morning for the past 3 weeks and I'm absolutely loving the results. The skin around my eyes is silky smooth and more plump which makes my eye makeup sit more comfortably and most importantly theres no concealer creasing which is just brill... I've also noticed my dark circles are no where near as dark as the used to be and the illuminators within the cream instantly made my eyes appear more awake and fresh from the very first day I used it which is pretty impressive. Overall this is an amazing little product and used together with the Idealia Life Serum is great as they compliment each other amazingly and feel so luxurious!

 You can find the Vichy Idealia Eyes on the Boots website and selected Boots stores for £23.00 however it is on offer at the moment with 25% off making it £17.25 so make sure you take advantage of that cheeky discount beaut's.

Have you tried any of the Vichy Idealia range beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know!!


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  1. I got a HEAP of Vichy samples from my local chemist the other day, I haven't tried this brand before but after using a few of them I have fell in love! I usually use Simple but I think it's about time I upped my skincare regime! I guess their marketing worked... haha

    Emma | The Fashion Six


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