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Today I'm going to be sharing with you all my thoughts on a new beauty subscription box that was previously only available in the US, Canada and Australia but now due to its success, us beauty lovers in the UK can now receive it too, woohoo, say hello to Wantable*, a beauty box with a difference.

Wantable is a unique subscription box concept, so instead of receiving a box of random items that you may not be interested in or like, your sent a selection of FULL SIZE goodies that you've indicated you like. Now onto how it works... All you have to do when signing up with Wantable is fill out a short questionnaire, starting off with whether you would like a make-up box or an accessories box, I chose the makeup box and then went on to fill out products, shades and finishes I preferred, for instance after clicking saying I like nail polishes, it then gave me a variety of shades to like or dislike, the same went for finishes and textures which I think it incredible and such an amazing concept. You can also choose whether you'd like a one off box for $40 (£24.02) or you can subscribe for a monthly box for $36 (£21.62), your guaranteed to receive between 4-7 full size US products that are worth between $80-$100, also if you don't happen to like your monthly contents you can send your box straight back and get a full refund, now you cant get better than that can you?

Anyway, onto what goodies I received in this month's box...

Sorme Get A Brow Gel in Fawn $16 

Firstly, I was super excited to see a tinted brow gel in my box as the only brow gel I own is a clear one so I'm happy I can now experiment with one that has a bit of colour too it. This Sorme brow gel claims to tame unruly brows with its conditioning , non flaking formula, holding them into place and giving them a natural shine. 

Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush $20
Wow a brush in a beauty box, what a treat, and its a lovely quality brush too. The Michael Marcus Prime brush is perfect for applying foundation, concealer and primer and is made up of super fine taklon bristles, its so super soft and I cant wait to give it a go.

La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Eye Shadow in Sultry Olive $20
This eye shadow from La Bella Donna is such a beautiful dark olive/taupe shade that has a bronze metallic sheen to it that will look great through the crease or on the lid, this compressed mineral eye shadow is also free from dyes, talc, oil and alcohol making it fine to use on the most delicate of eyes.

DEX New York Lipstick in Rockaway Rambling Rose $20
I'm super impressed with this DEX New York Lipstick, not only does the packaging feel super expensive but it wears like an expensive high end lipstick too, it has a rich, creamy conditioning formula and contains micro bubbles that continually release conditioners to keep your lips soft and colour fresh for hours and the colour payoff is amazing too with its opaque finish. It's also a cruelty free lipstick too which is another bonus.

Sorme Skin Perfecting BB Cream in Light Honey
And lastly Wantable have thrown in a little extra treat in the shape of a Sorme BB Cream sample. I cant wait to give this a go as I've just started giving BB Creams a go so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one stands among the rest. 

Overall I'm super impressed with the Wantable box, I think the contents is amazing and I will get use out of every product, I also think Wantable's concept is amazing and something to bare in mind if you are left constantly disappointed with the contents of other beauty boxes where you don't the chance to receive your preferred products, finishes, shades etc. Yes, the box is slightly more expensive that your average beauty box but when you take into consideration that you are getting 4-7 full size products that your guaranteed to like I don't think it too bad. As a whole my boxes contents is worth $78 (£46.83) which I think is pretty impressive. If you'd like more information on Wantable or if you'd like to treat yourself to your very own Wantable box you can do so HERE.

What do you think of the Wantable Box girls?? I'd love to know.



  1. There's a lot of products in here that I would use, one of the best boxes I have seen x


    1. It's great!! Such a fantastic idea too, I love everything inside my box abd to be honest thats a first as usually theres always 1-2 items I wont like xoxo

  2. This looks great! Even though it's a bit more expensive than some other beauty boxes, it looks a lot better! May just treat myself to one of these!x

    1. Yeah I think when you take into consideration that fact its personal to you and that you get ALL full size products I think its fab :) You should defo treat yourself to one hun xx

  3. I got this months box too and only my brush was the same as yours! Looks like they really listen to the survey, how refreshing!!!!


    1. It's great isnt it!!! Also great to see a good makeup brush in there too, love it!! xoxo

  4. This looks fab. I've just been looking at some different beauty boxes from overseas, but I'm worried about ordering because of hefty custom charges which can end up doubling the price of the box!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. The delivery charge for the box is around £4 to the UK hun, which for an american box aint half bad I think, as glossybox and birchbox charge £2 :) Defo worth a go hun xoxo

  5. I think I need to jump on the Wantable bandwagon! I think they've got something great going for them! Everything looked lovely! :)


    1. Oh you do haha :) Defo a great concept thats for sure xoxo


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