Summer Nails From Elegant Touch!

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I bloody love a false nail or two, I have such short, square, stubby nails naturally so anything that's going to make them look longer and super pretty I'm all over! I think the Summer months are when I like my nails looking their best, I love bright-bold colours, glitters, pretty patterns-the lot, so thank goodness Elegant Touch have so many different nail styles to choose from!
I have always been a bit afraid glue on false nails because of the damage they can cause to your natural nails however the Elegant Touch Nail Saviour packs are an absolute game changer for me! The Elegant Touch Nail Saviour packs not only contain your falsies but also a bottle of the Nail Saviour Protective Base Coat, you pop a coat of this gorgeous stuff on your natural nails before you glue your falsies in place and it creates a protective layer between your natural nails and the glue, this means theres never any actual contact between the two, genius right! I have the Iridescent Blush* set (£9.95) here which is so pretty, their pale pink nails with a really striking iridescent shift to them! The pack contains 24 stiletto shaped nails that come in 10 different sizes to get the best, most comfortable fit for you!  
Another set I'm literally living for right now is the Chrome 2.0 Set in Silver Siren* (£9.95)! If your into extremely glittery nails these could be for you because they are the most twinkly, glittery nails with a metallic foil finish, I've honestly never seen such twinkly glitter nails in my life! Again these come in the popular stiletto shape and contain 24 nails in 12 different sizes for the best fit! I will say stiletto nails are so striking but they do take some getting used to when you have very short natural nails to begin with, after an hour or so I was used to them and they are extremely comfortable to wear! You can also use the Nail Saviour Protective Base Coat with this set of falsies too to keep your natural nails all healthy!
If you hate the gluing process then the Elegant Touch Insta Nails will be right up your street, and I must admit their my favourites! The Insta Nails are pre-glued and can literally be applied anywhere at anytime in less than 3 minutes, yup it's that quick and fuss free! I have the set Pink Cadillac* (£9.99) which have fancy pink tips and bold metal cuticles which look so cool and are a design I'd never be able to achieve myself by painting my nails! The pack contains 24 nails in a stiletto shape, the stiletto shape of these ones though are slightly shorter than the two above so if your getting used to that particular shape of nail this set could be a great starter set for you!

You can find tonne more of the Elegant Touch False Nail designs HERE.



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