Zoella Beauty 'Cosmos' Christmas Collection Revealed!

Hey beaut's!

It's that time of year again.... Yup, dare I say it....Christmas is just a mere few months away and I for one am totally excited, I absolutely adore Autumn/Winter and Christmas and seeing all the pretty gifts in the shops gets me so excited, so when I was browsing the Superdrug website yesterday and came across some Christmas gifts by Zoella I literally had love hearts in my eyes and had to share them with you all today! The collection is called 'COSMOS' and consists of 11 gifts so far, I have no idea if more will be added but there are 11 gifts currently on the Superdrug website to choose from! 

The theme of the collection looks very galactic which I'm totally living for and the scent that seems to be popping up in most products is vanilla and peppermint which is right up my street, I hoping its going to be like the vanilla scent from Yankee Candles Christmas Cookie mixed with a candy cane, that would be dreamy! As far as the gifts go it looks quite similar to last year with the mini perfume set, the roller ball set, then theres the fragrance itself, the hand cream is back and the large mega box with most items in is there too! Prices start from £5.50 up to £40.00 so theres certainly a gift for everyone whether you want something small or big, don't forget though we often see a dip in prices once the collection has been out a month or so - so it's likely the prices will indeed be reduced slightly!

So what do you think of the Zoella Cosmos Christmas Collection beaut's? I'd love to know! I'm certainly looking forward to the reveal of her lifestyle collection in Boots now!

Check out the Zoella Cosmos Collection HERE at Superdrug or HERE at Feel Unique!



  1. I can't believe her Christmas collection has launched already, it's not even the end of August yet! However I am already so excited about her collection, it's so beautiful - I am a sucker for hollographic things so the hand cream has me tempted already just for the packaging! I'm also so tempted to get the mist set just because I'm obsessed with the gingerbread scent from a couple of years ago that is included in it. Thanks so much for sharing! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. I've never bought anything from the Zoella collections before.. but I love the overall theme of this release. It looks pretty.


  3. This new range sounds so nice, can't wait to have a sniff xx

  4. This is so cool looking! Seriously can't believe Christmas stuff is already out - where has the time gone?!


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