Should I Go Vegan and Switching Up My Diet!?

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Becoming vegan or being vegan seems to be so popular these days and I must admit I hadn't even heard of the term vegan or veganism until a couple of years back, currently I'm not vegan and as far as I'm aware I'm not gluten free or dairy free either but this is all something I definitely want to look into more, mainly because this year I've had a few problems with my digestion and suffer quite badly with acid reflux! I actually take tablets everyday now for my acid reflux and it's the pain and discomfort of having acid reflux that has really made me want to think about food and what I fuel my body with! I have already made a few changes to my diet - granted their not huge changes - but hey their still changes non the less and it's really made me think about what I want to do going forward!

If you’re in the US and wondering if changing your food ways and becoming vegan would work for you and also be beneficial to your health then you’re in luck because Health Labs can really help a sister (or brother hehe) out!* offers fast, private, and affordable lab testing that can be scheduled and ordered online with your results coming back in just a couple of days, theres no need for fasting before hand either and the tests are literally administered in approximately 10 minutes or less which is fab!

 Theres a number of vegan testing panels to choose from on the HealthLabs site that cover a number of different things but the test I'm most drawn too is the 'Should I Be Vegan?' test. This is a basic vegan test that tests you for 18 meat and dairy products, this is great if you've been experiencing or suffering from on going stomach pains, sluggishness, headaches, or an overall feeling of unwellness because if it proves to be a positive result it can pin-point exactly what it is that your intolerant or allergic of! To be honest I'm really interested in the dairy side of things, it's something I've always wondered about because I've noticed I can get quite headachy after eating cheese sometimes so this is definitely something I'm looking into! The vegan tests start at $149 but the 'Should I Be Vegan?' test I'm interested in comes in at $199 but you can get that a little bit cheaper if you use my 25% off code HAY25. I think it's totally worth the price if it's going to make a dramatic improvement to your health. If your already vegan then fear not because HealthLabs also have tests you to take to check for possible nutritional deficiencies that you may have, this will help you know whether you need more or less of a specific vegan friendly food item which again will benefit your health, pretty awesome hey!

I'd love to know if your vegan and how you find it? Has it made a huge difference to your health? Or are you considering it like I am? I'd love to know!  
*This post is in collaboration with Health Labs, 
all opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds like such s good idea , helping to make the right decision for you !

  2. I also have thought about going vegan. My friend is vegan but she first stop eating meat and then would only eat seafood as a replace for meat and then she became and vegetarian and then after a year she became vegan. I think it's good to slowly transition your more likely to be successful and stick to it. :)

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