My Dream Wedding Ideas!

Hey beaut's!

We are still well into the wedding season and even though I'm not getting married any time soon I am in a long-term relationship of 12 years and a girl can dream about the wedding shes always wanted cant she... he he Mike if your reading this you might want to take note!

I think realistically if I got married I'd want something small, intimate and calm with only my very close friends and family there, so sorry Sue at number 40 you might have to sit this one out love lol! I could also see myself doing lots of wedding projects at home and DIY'S too, looking at lots of magazines and website after website for inspiration, but today's post is all about the wedding of dreams, the wedding I'd probably be paying for- for the rest of my life and the wedding that would bind me to the love of my life forever - god help me, jokes!

So lets start with the venue, id probably want a country barn, you know the sort of place with beams and a vintage feel, set in pretty grounds for those wedding shots and Instagrams of course, or if I couldn't have the country barn I'd go for a large marquee that I could decorate myself but I would definitely want a rustic, vintage vibe! Think twinkly fairy lights, cream flowers and wood! I'd also have to have a Instagram photo booth along with props for everyone including myself to play around with! Then there would be a chocolate fondue, this would be an necessity because I'm a chocolate addict, and I'd love one of those vintage looking sweetie carts that has little pic'n'mix sweets on! Of course there would have to be a disco that played loads of the classics I love from the 90's so that we could all dance the night away! 

Then theres the all important dress, I'd love something white or ivory coloured, lacy, quite figure hugging to show off my curves but then getting looser as it goes down! For hair I'd like a wavy half up half down hair style with very delicate makeup, and sod it I'd probably have to rock a winged liner too! Knowing me I'd probably be wearing some converse under mys dress too because heels seem to hate me!

For food I think I'd completely brake the tradition of the sit down meal, my dream wedding would have little areas that served freshly cooked pizza just how you wanted it, Nando's and probably a burger stall, as you can tell not the healthiest of options but definitely better than the awful pea soup you'd probably have as a starter!

And finally you cant forget the honeymoon, the dream would be one of those huts in the Maldives which has been build within the sea where the water is crystal clear and the sand is practically white! Now all we need is a win on the lottery please he he!

What would be your dream wedding? I would love to know.


* This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I'm still waiting for one of those kind of honeymoons :)


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