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Finally it's felt slightly tropical here in the UK, we've been basking in the sunshine, whacking those burgers on the barbie and getting our flip flops back out, yayyyy! Now getting our flip flops back out again is all well and good but lets face it, after a long winter our tootsies are in need of some pampering, well I know mine certainly are, so it's Soap and Glory to the rescue!
The first essential step for me to get my feet looking half decent is getting rid of any dry, hard, flaky skin, gross I know - but we all get it girls! Soap & Glory's Heel Deal Foot File* (£9.00) is perfect for buffing all that lovely stuff away, it has three different filing heads for the ultimate pedi-'cure', did you see what I did there he he. You simply use the bumpy side for removing rough skin, the flat side for the final buff and then the handy little pull out file which is hidden within the handle of the foot file can be used for smoothing between the toes. It does such an awesome job and actually feels quite therapeutic to me, I have no idea why but it does!

After smoothing out my tootsies I like to slather them in Heel Genius! I've been a HUGE fan of Soap & Glory's Heel Genius Foot Cream* (£5.50) for years because it's literally the best foot cream I've ever come across! It has a blue, gel like consistency which applies quite thickly to the feet at first but then becomes more like a cream as your rubbing it into your feet, it's so nourishing and instantly makes me feet look and feel moisturised, it also has a fruity fragrance with a hint of mint which is so refreshing for your tootsies.
If your feet really need a huge dose of moisture and your looking for more of an overnight treatment then apply a super thick layer of the Heel Genius to your feet - I'm talking slip-hazard thick- and then pop on the Heel Deal Snooze Socks* (£7.00) and blow up the Zzzzz's! These cotton-rich, moisturiser-enhancing little socks help to boost the effects of the Heel Genius moisturiser so when you wake up in the morning you will feel like you have a new pair of feet he he, it's honestly like magic!

You can find all of the Soap & Glory products exclusively in-store at Boots or online HERE.



  1. Can’t wait to try mine out! Been waiting for it to cool down with the weather as I can’t stand anything on my feet when it’s red hot lol! Xx

  2. This set looks amazing!


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