KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Review

Hey beaut's!

 I haven't been blessed with the best natural nails, mine are so short, square and stubby so I love to fake it from time to time and KISS nails are always my first port of call, they just have so many pretty designs and colours to choose from that I can never resist and their Gel Fantasy range is one of my favourites!
The KISS Gel Fantasy nails honestly look salon worthy to me, their super glossy and hard wearing and the glitter designs on some of them look exactly like what you would get in the salon, their gorgeous! The four styles I've been trying are...
 Faux Real* - These are my favourites and the ones I whacked on my nails as soon as I got them, they are super sparkly nails with squared off tips and a shorter design - perfect for me! I've had so many complements on these ones too because their just so sparkly and pretty!
Fanciful* - Again another favourite set of mine, these ones are nude with super twinkly gradient style glitter tips, these also have the squared of design that I love!
Lit Within*- This set have a more natural oval shape to them and are in the prettiest baby pink colour.
Ab Fab* - These are quite a dramatic set of nails in a deep brown shade but they have an almost dark burgundy sheen to them in certain lights, they're super pretty and would work well on a night out!
Each packet of Gel Fantasy nails contains 24-28 nails in different sizes so you can mix and match to get the best fit for you, theres also a little nail file and manicure stick within the box too. What's great about the gel fantasy nails is that you get two options for the application process, theres nail glue so you can glue the nails on if you wish, or theres mega adhesive tabs so you can apply them just like the imPRESS ones - which is my favourite way and definitely better for the nails because you can just peel them off safely once your done with them without the risk of damaging the natural nail. Lasting power is great with these ones but I do find the glue holds up better than the sticky tabs, if I want my nails to really stay put for a while then I use the glue as that lasts over a week on me but I like using the tabs for special occasions when I know I don't need the nails to stay on long!

You can find the KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in store at Superdrug or online HERE for £7.99 each! PS. Their on offer at the moment too, woohoo!



  1. The glitter on those nails is just mesmerising!💕
    Great post Darling, thankyou so much for sharing💓 xoxo

  2. I love the kiss iMpress nails- I have recently tried the gels using the stick on method rather than glue and didnt find they last as long compared to the impress ones.



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