Design.ME Hair Lands In The UK!

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Design.ME Hair is a super new brand to me, that's because its actually a US based, vegan, cruelty-free, sulphate, paraben and gluten free haircare brand which isn't that easy to get hold of here in the UK only in Sally Beauty stores and online. Design.ME Hair currently have five products available on the Sally Beauty website and I've been giving three of them a whirl over the last month or so and have really been enjoying the results! PS - Can we just appreciate how gorgeous the packaging is, it's so fun and colourful and looks so cute on my dresser!
I'm going to kick things off with my favourite product out of the three, the PowerDRY.ME Spray* (£14.95). This unique little product claims to reduce blow dry time by up to 50%, and seeing as I absolutely HATE drying my hair anything that claims to speed the process up I'm all over. Now I have no idea about the technology behind this product but it definitely does seem to work because my hair seems to dry much quicker than before, all I do is literally spritz the PowerDRY.ME spray all through my hair from root to tip and blow dry as normal and after a couple of minutes it's dry, it's a life saver for me as my hair is quite thick so usually takes ages to dry. It also offers heat and UV Protection and smells incredible, just like a salon!
Next up is the Fab.ME Hair Moisturising Mist* (£9.95), this beauty is the mother of all hair treatments, it detangles, hydrates, conditions, nourishes, strengthens, smooths and protects the hair all in a few easy spritz'! I love using this when I've neglected my hair a bit with heat or just when my hairs looking a bit drab, it's really does act like a 'pick me up' product for my hair and gives it some life back. Despite being quite a nourishing product it doesn't feel heavy in my hair nore does it make my hair greasy like other conditioning sprays have done in the past, and just like PowerDRY.ME it smells soooo good!
Finally I've been using the Puff.ME Volumising Powder Mist* (£9.95). This is the FIRST EVER super-volumising powder spray in a pump which gives you that instant volume you've been longing for. Now I must admit it took me a while to get to grips with this product, it just felt quite strange spraying a powder into my hair, it also feels slightly tacky and stiff to begin with but it does indeed add a lot of volume and texture to the hair. I have quite a deep set side parting so one side of my head has a lot less hair than the other, so on flat days I like to rub some Puff.ME into the root area and it gives me a lift without the back-combing. I think Puff.ME would work amazingly well for up do's too because it does add lots of texture to the hair and make it so easy to work with and creates great hold for pins and grips!

You can shop the Design.ME Hair Range HERE.


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