NEW Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup 'Naked Underneath' Eyeshadow Palette

Hey beaut's!

Makeup Revolution are always on it when it comes to new releases aren't they?? And this time around we have another eyeshadow palette to play with, yessssssss! As you can probably tell Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes are my absolute favourites so I always go slightly ga ga when they launch a new palette he he. So lets say hello to the I ♥ Makeup 'Naked Underneath' Eyeshadow Palette*.
From the get go the I ♥ Makeup 'Naked Underneath' Eyeshadow Palette is slightly different from anything we've seen from Makeup Revolution packaging wise before... The usual sleek, shiny lid has been replaced with a black faux fur lid and is finished off with a clear crystal-cut heart placed in the middle, much like the other  I ♥ Makeup Eyeshadow palettes. Personally I love the change, its just so different and unique, I've honestly never seen anything like it before, the only thing I will say is that when I first stroked the fur (he he) it did shed slightly, don't get me wrong it is beautifully soft but to stop the shedding I'd suggest lightly spraying it with abit of hairspray from a distance, that's what I did and it works a treat and the faux fur is still lovely and soft. 

The I ♥ Makeup 'Naked Underneath' Palette contains 16 beautiful natural and smokey indulgent eye shadows in total, 6 of which have a matte finish and the other 10 have shimmer/metallic finishes. The shade range within the 'Naked Underneath' Palette is gorgeous and totally up my street, theres a lovely selection of neutral tones, golds, coppers and even some dark jewel toned shades which I think all compliment each other beautifully to create numerous looks for day and night.
 As always I really have no complaints on the eye shadow's quality, Makeup Revolution seem to make such amazing eye shadows don't they he he. Each eyeshadow within the 'Naked Underneath' palette has great pigmentation, are easy to work with and blend out a treat and they last great on my oily eyelids without any creasing or fading most of the day. I have to admit I've been really blown away by this palette, the shades are just so beautiful and I couldn't be happier with how the shadows perform. 
All in all I think this is another absolute hit by Makeup Revolution, the shades within the palette are absolutely stunning and so wearable, I particularly like the gold/copper tones shades, arrhhh they're gorgeous! Like always the palette is an absolute bargain at just £7.99, that's around 49p per eyeshadow, wowza!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup 'Naked Underneath' Eyeshadow Palette yet?? What did you think beaut's?? I'd love to know! 



  1. Wow! This is sooooo awesome! :D
    The package is cute, the colors are lovely! This palette is simply "wow"...:D

    (I haven't tried it - and I think I never will, because it is too neutral for me, but it is beautiful...on those who can wear nudes...)

    /ps.: Sorry for my english, it is my "second" language. :)/

  2. Looks really cute x

  3. such a beauty! xx


  4. This looks lovely, the colour are very me!

  5. Makeup Revolution makes amazing products. I've got a lot of their eye palettes. I'm not sure about this one, it looks good and all but I think already have enough neutral palettes hehe. But it sure looks pretty.

    I have a big giveaway on my blog, with lots of makeup revolution products. I would love it if you would enter :)

    Loevens makeup rambles

  6. I saw this last week and I'm completely obsessed. I love the shades! Perfect for blue-eyed girls like me I think :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. oh wow that bottom row far left is EXACTLY the colour I need now. I'll have to look into whether I can buy it in France. Great swatches! Claire


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