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If your a makeup brush lover like myself I'm sure you'll know how important it is to clean your makeup brushes, its so easy for nasty bacteria to take over your brush bristles which can then end up with you getting nasty spots, contaminated makeup and damaged brush bristles. But as always Makeup Revolution have came to the rescue with their affordable Brush Shampoo and Brush Cleaner!

Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Cleaner* £5.00

I love using spot cleaners on my makeup brushes, it's the simplest, quickest way to keep your makeup brushes clean and disinfected without having to wait ages for them to dry. Makeup Revolutions offering is specially formulated to keep your makeup brushes sterilised, disinfected and helps to prolong the life of your brushes bristles which is always a bonus. The way I like to use my Makeup Revolution Brush Cleaner is by spraying the cleaner directly onto my makeup brush about 4 times, twice on one said of the brush and then twice on the other side, I do this just to make sure all the bristles are coated with the cleaner, I then gently swirl my brush onto some kitchen towel in circular motions and watch as all the makeup disappears from the brush onto the kitchen towel. I would always
 recommend using kitchen towel or an old cloth for this job instead of toilet roll/tissues as they are too thin and just tear and you will end up with fluffy bits of toilet roll stuck to your brush bristles which would be so annoying. And voila... you will then be left with a squeaky clean brush, all you have to do now is leave your brush laying flat to air dry which doesn't take long when using this method.

Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Shampoo* £5.00
Even if you do spot clean your brushes often its still essential that you give you makeup brushes a deep clean with an Antibacterial Brush Shampoo every so often, I choose to deep clean my brushes either once or twice a month which always works well for me. I've recently been using Makeup Revolutions Brush Shampoo and really loved how soft and conditioned it left the brush bristles, I was pleasantly surprised. Makeup Revolutions Brush Shampoo really works deep into the brush bristles removing all traces of dirt, makeup and oil without damaging the bristles in any way. The way I like to use the brush shampoo is by dampening my makeup brush with luke warm water, I then pop a small amount of the brush shampoo into the palm of my hand, the amount you will need will depend on the size of brush your washing and how dirty it is. Then in the palm of my hand I lather up the shampoo on my brush, I use circular motions against my palm just to make sure I'm really deep cleaning, you will see all the shampoo bubbles turned from white to beige as all your makeup rinses out. I then rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear making sure the brush is facing downwards as I rinse, I do this so non of the water runs up into the brushes ferrel, once clean carefully strain as much water out as possible and reshape your brush bristles. Then I make sure I lay my clean brushes flat on a towel and leave them to dry over night, then the next day you will I have lovely, fluffy clean brushes.

All in all If your looking for affordable brush cleaners that do the job well then I'd highly recommend Makeup Revolutions offering, they both work brilliantly whether your looking for a quick clean or an intense clean and are so gentle on the bristles and at £5.00 a bottle their an absolute steal!

Have you tried either of the Makeup Revolution Brush cleaners?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.



  1. Totally going to have to pick these up when my Mac one runs out, such a good price!
    ♥ Fran - xx

  2. Cleaning make up brushes is such a chore. I really like the look of the spray though which would be great to use in between washes. Lovely review xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  3. I've got these two as well, and they are so good!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Id love to try this! I never really know what to use when washing brushes so this would be perfect and at such a great price! Great review!
    Beth |


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