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Today I thought I would share my thoughts on a couple of beauty goodies that I actually received last Christmas from the Zoella Beauty range. I'm pretty sure if your into watching beauty, fashion and lifestyle related video's on YouTube that you've all heard of Zoe Sugg (Zoella) before, I started watched her video's years ago and now shes so popular she has 7 million YouTube subscribers under her belt, a pampering range 'Zoella Beauty' and a number one selling book Girl Online, you go girl ha ha.

I'm pretty sure Zoella Beauty launched during September last year (don't quote me on that) which is a beauty line unlike others, it isn't focused on makeup in any way but instead it has everything you'd need for a good ole girlie pamper session, from body lotion, shower cream, a candle, bath fizzer, body mist and even makeup bags, the line certainly has everything you'd need to feel utterly spoilt and relaxed!
I actually received the Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream and the Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer in my stocking last Christmas from my parents (mid twenties or not I still appreciate a stocking at Christmas ha ha) as they know how much I love my pamper nights and baths. On first impressions the packaging is just gorgeous with neutral pastel shades, polka dots & Zoe's lovely handwritten logo, its so up my street and will look pretty in any ones bathroom or on any dressing table. As for the scent...  It's very sweet and fruity, but isn't sickly or overpowering in anyway and contains notes of strawberry, violet, jasmine, vanilla and gardenia which I really like, the same fragrance runs throughout the entire collection too.

 Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream 490ml £5.00
The Zoella Beauty Soak Opera is a multi use product, you can either pop it into the running bath water to create a nice bubbly bath or it can be used as a shower gel as well, I love the fact that this can be used both ways as you get more for your money that way. The bottle itself is quite large and holds a whopping 490ml's worth of product, which is a good thing because if it was only a 200ml bottle it would be gone pretty quickly because if you want to achieve a nice bubbly bath then you need to use a hell of alot of product, I just kept pouring and pouring and not much was happening and in the end I used up a quarter of the Soak Opera just for one bubble bath! When used as a shower gel I found it lathered up well when used with a loofah and smelt amazing, the Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter really soften and nourish the skin which is lovely if you have dry skin like myself. Overall I much prefer using the Soak Opera as a shower gel rather than a bubble bath, you waste too much product using it as a bubble bath and the bubbles seem to disappear rapidly too which is OK if you like a quick bath but not if you like a long hot soak like I do he he.

Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer 200g £5.00

The Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar really is lovely, you get 8 little fizzer cubes in total that are put together in the packaging like a thick, chunky chocolate bar, the little 'Do Not Eat' stickers made me chuckle too because from the outside it really does feel like a chocolate bar. The packaging suggests using 1-2 cubes of the fizz bar per bath, I always use 2 which means I got 4 baths out of my fizz bar however you can get 8 baths out of it if you just use the 1, which I think is such great value. Once popped in the bath, the little chunks began fizzing away and leave your bath water smelling amazing and create a little bubbly lather. As this is a fizz bar and not a bubble bar it doesn't create bubbles, I know some people have been disappointed by this as they thought it was more of a bubble bar but personally I really like how it fizzes away and creates a calming, sweet smelling bath.

Overall when using the Fizz Bar and Soak Opera together you do get a nice bubbly, relaxing bath that smells incredible and I do really like the fact Zoella has aimed her beauty collection at pampering instead of going down the typical makeup route. I think the Fizz Bar is such great value, 8 baths for £5.00 is just amazing and even though you do need to use alot of the Soak Opera to achieve a bubbly bath I do like the formula so all in all I'm pretty chuffed with these!

Have you tried anything from Zoella Beauty?? What did you think?? I'd love to know!!



  1. I really loved the body mist that she did in this range and I love the smell, it is so nice and refreshing. Didn't try the other things as I don't have a bath and didn't want the shower gel. But glad that you liked them and I think that the make up bags are very cute too :)

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  3. I really want to try out the body lotion and the body mist x Ali | The Chic Times Magazine

  4. I'm yet to try anything but really want to try these two products! Great review :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  5. I really love the Soak Opera, its my fave from the range x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥


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