Lush Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar Review

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It's that time of the year again where I ditch the quick showers and start enjoying long, hot relaxing baths so of course that meant that I needed to take a trip to Lush and treat myself to a couple of bath bombs. I didn't go mad this year, I just picked up four goodies to try, three of which where from their Christmas range and one from their Halloween range - the new Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar!
The Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar is new to Lush this year and it's so dreamy to look at, it's pink, it's so sparkly and iridescent and pumpkin shaped with a tiny little cinnamon stick stalk, whats not to love! The scent of this one is very feminine and floral, it's made up of a mix of geranium, bergamot and jasmine that come together to create a sweet girlie fragrance which I love, it actually reminds me of a perfume I once had but I cant for the life of me put my finger on what one!
Once crumbled into the bath it creates lots of soft white fluffy bubbles and turns the water a gorgeous shade of pink, in the picture above I only used a large chunk of the bubble bar so I still have plenty left for another two baths or so, I imagine if you crumbled the whole bubble bar into your bath you may fill you entire bathroom with bubbles as it really does bubble up a lot ha ha. Despite being super sparkly and glittery to touch once the Pink Pumpkin is in the bath you don't actually get covered in glitter, the glitter is literally just on the outside of the bubble bar so if your worried that you might come out the water resembling a disco ball fear not he he!

If your looking for a girly, floral bath this Halloween I cant recommend the Pink Pumpkin enough, it smells gorgeous, looks cute and creates sooooo many soft bubbles, I love it and I'm so happy I picked it up to try!

You can find the Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar for £4.25 HERE



  1. This looks so cute, I've not visited lush for a while looks like I need to pop in xxx

  2. This totally seems to be an apple, so pretty! xx

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