Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Reviewed!

Hey beaut's!

Here comes trouble.....Urban Decay recently launched their new Troublemaker Mascara and I for one got stupidly excited about it! The mascara not only looks pretty epic in the tube but it has some pretty bold claims too, sex-proof being one of them! Say whatttttt!!! 
 The Troublemaker Mascara* comes housed in a gorgeous prismatic tube that has a colour shifting design to it, it looks like something you'd see in an oil slick with blues, pinks, purples, greens, and even gold running through it, it's beautiful. The mascara itself claims to stir up trouble and give us badass lashes with 13.7x more volume, lots of length and separation, not to mention great longevity that can withstand the naughtiness of sex, ohhh la la! After giving this mascara a whirl over the last couple of weeks I do really like it but their are a couple of negatives... Lets start with the good first, it does add lots of length and volume to my lashes and the formula is very easy to work with and builds up a treat without clumps forming, I haven't experienced any smudging and transferring either and my lashes look the same at the end of the day as when I first applied the mascara in the morning which I love! Now for 1 or maybe 2 negatives, as I said before the mascara didn't smudge or transfer on me but it does flake a little for some reason, whilst this isn't a biggy it can be annoying from time to time! And secondly the wand is plastic which are never usually my favourites and this one is super spiky, I've had to remember not to wriggle the wand right at the root of my lashes like I do with natural bristle wands because I nearly lose an eyeball with this bad boy when I do that ha ha! Obviously that's not a negative at how this mascara works or performs but more of caution warning for all of the eyeballs out there lol!

Overall I have really been loving this mascara, it adds length, volume and drama and really helps open up my smaller eyes making them appear bigger which I love! As for whether or not it’s sex proof … I’ll let you lovelies discover that one for yourselves he he, all I'm saying is that it stays put well despite the odd flake or two he he. 

You can find the Troublemaker Mascara for £19.50 HERE.



  1. Looks great on your lashes! I already have Roller Lash that seems very similar to this one. xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  2. Your lashes look nice with this product. However I'm not sold because flaking is the worst! Xx



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