Crabtree & Evelyn's NEW Pomegranate & Argan Oil Range

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Keeping my body nourished is a must for me, I have dry skin so theres nothing my skin loves more than a huge dose of moisture and Crabtree & Evelyn's NEW Pomegranate & Argan Oil Range has been doing just that! Crabtree & Evelyn actually have six new naturally derived ranges too choose from, each one with a different scent and purpose, the Pomegranate & Argan Oil Range is specially designed to nourish so I knew straight away it would be right up my street. Theres 9 moisturising goodies to choose from in the Pomegranate & Argan Oil Range, I've been giving the Body Cream, Body Smoother and the Hand Therapy a whirl and the results so far have been amazing!
The Pomegranate & Argan Oil Body Smoother* (£20.00) is one of my favourites out of the collection, I'm such a sucker for a good body scrub and this one is so nice and feels super luxurious! The Body Smoother feels more like a thick cream with scrubby bit's within in it than a harsh scrub, it gently exfoliates and polishes my skin whilst I'm in the shower and conditions at the same time, leaving me with super soft, supple skin and theres not any dry flakiness in sight, I love it. I'd definitely recommend this if you have slightly sensitive skin because it works in more of a gentle way.
After using the Body Smoother in the bath or shower I always follow it up with the Pomegranate & Argan Oil Body Cream* (£28.00), this is the thickest body cream I've ever used and it's so deeply moisturising, I've honestly never tried anything so moisturising so if your a dry skinned gal like me then you HAVE to give this one a whirl. Because the formula of this body cream is so thick I find a little goes a long way and it seems to melt into the skin so quickly and never leaves a sticky residue thank goodness. I also have to add the scent of this collection is gorgeous, they all have warm fruity notes of orange, juicy pomegranate and sweet fig with the heat of ginger and black pepper spice, they all work so well together and smell so good.
I seem to go through hand cream like it's going out of fashion and I'm nearly half way through my Pomegranate & Argan Oil Hand Therapy* (£18.00) so as you can tell I love it!  The hand cream itself is white with a creamy consistency, it's enriched with Shea Butter, Ceramide and Moroccan Argan Oil which together make this a super moisturising hand cream. What I love about this hand cream is that it doesn't take long at all to soak into my hands, just like the body cream it literally melts into my skin and theres no sticky residue afterwards either, that's a huge pet hate of mine and so many hand creams leave my hands tacky after application so I'm so happy I don't have that problem with this one.

I feel like this range is so good to transition from Summer into the Autumn/Winter months because the scent is fruity but also warm and spicy, it's also going to be so so nourishing in the cooler months, overall I'm a fan!

You can find the full Pomegranate & Argan Oil Range on the Crabtree & Evelyn website HERE



  1. The packaging is gorgeous and I bet it smells heavenly. I agree it sounds like a great range for early autumn, beautiful post and photos. I haven't tried anything from this brand yet xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. Lovely post! Thank you for sharing it with us! 🌸🌸

  3. This scent sounds lush! I love the crabtree and Evelyn hand creams xx


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