The Perfect 'At Home' French Manicure by KISS

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I absolutely love the look of a french manicure, it's such a clean, polished look that goes with everything at any time of the year but there is no way I can paint it on my self, firstly because I don't have the patience and secondly because my natural nails are short and square so I don't really have much to play with. KISS nails however are a life saver for me, if you read my previous post HERE I was super impressed with their press on nails and have been using them a lot, but I'd never given their glue on nails a whirl so I was excited to see if their was a difference in the quality.
The first set of nails I couldn't wait to give a whirl was the KISS Everlasting French Pearl Tips*, these come in the 'Real Short' length that are squared off at the ends which are perfect for me, the base of the nail is a pretty pinky nude and the tips have a gorgeous pearl sheen to them, their lovely. This set does come with glue however I opted to use the KISS Maximum Speed Nail Glue* because it bonds the false nails to my naturals nails in just 3 seconds, and is super strong keeping the nails secure for longer. So far I've had my  manicure on all weekend and not lost a single nail, I've done housework, washing up, been in the shower, washed my hair and their still going strong so I really rate these and the glue. 
The KISS Acrylic Nude French Nails* are great if you want a very natural, understated nail, for some reason I feel like these are 'professional' looking nails he he. These again come in that comfortable short length that I love, it just makes them so easy to wear and I can actually get things done with these on and not worry about them getting in the way or being too long.
Lastly I have the KISS Salon Acrylic French Nails*, these remind me mostly of the nails you would get in an actually salon with a pink base and bright white tips. Just like the other two sets these come in the 'Real Short' length, I honestly wouldn't go for another length to be honest as the short length is so comfortable to wear, these also have a no chip finish which keeps them looking their best the entire wear time and teamed with the glue they last ages.

Have you tried any of the KISS French Manicures? What did you think? I'd love to know!

You can find your KISS French Manicures at Boots from £7.95 - HERE.


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  1. I love french tips nails too ,I always feel made up when I 'm wearing them .

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