The Body Shop 100% Cruelty-Free Vegan Makeup Brushes Review

Hey beaut's!

Not that long ago The Body Shop launched 10 brand new 100% Cruelty-Free Vegan Makeup Brushes with a range of face brushes and eye brushes to choose from, so all bases are covered. Each brush has been made with charcoal-coated, super-soft synthetic bristles and have sustainably sourced wooden handles too, making these brushes 100% friendly in every way, yay!
I've been giving four of the new brushes a whirl and my goodness I love them all so much, I had never tried any makeup brushes from the body shop before so I had no idea what to expect but I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality, they all apply the products beautifully, I've not experienced any shedding at all even when washing them, the bristles are honestly the softest bristles I've ever felt - I'm talking super super soft and the overall quality of the brushes is really good and they feel super expensive too. 
Lets kick things off with the Buffing Brush* (£14.00). I have been using this brush more or less everyday to apply my liquid foundation because the finish is just completely flawless, theres never any horrid brush stroke lines and it always blends my foundation into my skin perfectly in a matter or minutes, which is great if your in a rush but still want perfect skin. The bristles are densely packed together and hold their shape well, just like all the brushes you can use the buffing brush with creams, liquids and powders and it's a super versatile brush too and can blend in cream blush, bronzer and highlighter in a jiffy! It's most definitely a staple brush for me!
Next up is the Fan Brush* (£11.00), I only got into fan brushes last year and Ive been obsessed with them ever since, I tell ya beaut's if you haven't used a fan brush for highlighting your seriously missing out. The Body Shops Fan Brush is super soft and blends my highlighter in like a dream which I pretty much thought it would, you can also use this brush for subtly adding blush to your cheeks too, which I must admit I had never tried until now and I actually really liked it, I definitely recommend using a blush with a slight sheen to it to get the best 'glowy' effect.
Moving onto the eye brushes... Firstly I have the Flat Shader Brush* (£8.00), this little beauty has quite short, densely packed bristles perfect for creating more dramatic eyeshadow looks such as a killer smokey eye, it's shape is great for winging out and extending eyeshadow work and it can also be used to pack colour onto the lid or to smoke out eyeshadows underneath the eye too. 
Lastly I have the Double-Ended Eye Shadow Brush* (£10.00), this dual ended brush has a  slanted brush at one end, perfect for creating precise lines when doing gel liner or defined strokes when filling in my brows. The other end is a blender brush, this is such a staple brush, it blends out eyeshadow work really well and I've even used it under my eyes with concealers and really liked it too, it's such a versatile brush that takes less room up in my makeup bag because of it's dual purpose.

I'm super happy I finally go to try out some of the Body Shops makeup brushes, it's definitely given me the bug to try more from the collection that's for sure. Have you tried any of the Body Shop's makeup brushes beaut's? Which brush is your favourite? I'd love to know!



  1. I used to work in The Body Shop as a teen and absolutely LOVED their brushes! They were so soft and so hard wearing too! Love your review - bet you can't wait to try more now. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. These brushes look so nice. I've never had any from bodyshop. and yes I need a fan brush asap ! xoxo


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