Lush Cupid Bath Bomb Review

Hey beaut's!

When I saw the Lush Valentines line up I couldn't wait to treat myself to a few bit's (haul HERE), there was one bath bomb that immediately stood out to me that I knew I needed to try asap and that was the Cupid Bath Bomb.

The Cupid Bath Bomb is brand new to Lush this year and isn't it just the cutest little thing you ever did see, I love the pink love heart-arrow design, and it definitely captures the Valentines theme that's for sure. As this is a new bath bomb I had no idea what to expect from it scent wise, but it's actually divine. It's quite a strong scent full of uplifting bergamot, calming and toning rose petal powder and fresh violet leaf absolute making it very floral but it also has a sharp, fruity sweetness of raspberry running through it too which altogether remind me of a bath filled with the scent of those fizzy sweets from back in the day, just like refreshers or love hearts, I love it! As I said before Cupid is quite a strong scent which lingered on my skin for hours after my bath and I could still smell it in my hair the next day too, personally I love a strong scent that lingers but if you don't Cupid might not be for you.
When I popped the Cupid bath bomb into my bath it was quite a slow fizzer and was bobbing around for a while until it had completely dissolved, it fizzed a stream of pink and white which when combined left me with super pretty pale pink bath water, it's so girlie and right up my street.
If theres one bath bomb that you need to try from Lush this Valentines then it has to be Cupid, it looks so cute, smells incredible, leaves my skin soft and it's fairly priced too at just £2.95, it's actually the cheapest bath bomb in the Valentines collection, I wish I had bought a few of them now because it's up theres with one of my favourites.

Have you tried the Cupid Bath Bomb beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!


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  1. It's the cutest! <3 I will have to grab a few before it runs out ^^ <3


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