Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask Review

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I absolutely adore face masks so when I heard one of my favourite skincare brands Vichy where bringing out not one but three brand new face masks I couldn't wait to give them a whirl! The three masks in question (which can all be used together in stages if you wish) are a Pore Purifying Clay Mask which is ideal for combination to oily skin with congested and clogged pores, a Quenching Mineral Mask perfect for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin and finally the one I've been testing out is the Double Glow Peel Mask, yes I did just say double glow he he.
The Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask* is formulated to boost your skin’s natural radiance, and instantly restore luminosity back into your complexion, making it ideal for anyone with dull, tired looking and sensitive skin, this one really stood out for me because anything that's going to make my sensitive skin appear brighter and glowy I'm all about. The mask itself is actually made up of two parts, the first part of the double-peel action consists of chemical AHAs made from fruit acids, which sweep away dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, more even texture to the skin. Secondly, a physical exfoliator made with a volcanic rock origin buffs and brightens your skin tone.
To apply the mask I simply pop a thin, even layer all over my face avoiding my eyes, I then leave it to sit on my skin for five minutes, then massage gently with my fingers tips and rinse off with warm water and a face cloth. The texture of this mask and how the mask works was actually totally different to what I was expecting and certainly nothing like what I've ever tried before, the mask actually has a very thin, watery, gel like texture with no visible volcanic rock suspended within it at all however, once the mask has been on for five minutes the wet, gel like feeling has completely dried and your left with the finest gritty feeling on the skin which gently exfoliates whilst your removing it! If your looking for a mask that dries hard and stiff  which you can peel off this wont be for you but personally I find this mask a lot quicker, easier and cleaner to use.
After using this mask my skin always feels absolutely fantastic, it honestly feels like a 'pick me up' for my skin because my skins texture is always so smooth, supple and moisturised afterwards, it definitely makes me face appear brighter and radiant too and I actually had a spot coming up under my chin the other day and I used this mask that same evening, and the next morning the spot had completely vanished, I was so impressed! Overall I cant recommend this mask enough, if you have dull, tired skin that needs a boost this is the perfect 'pick me up' mask to try!

You can find the Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask for £14.00 HERE.


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  1. This sounds lovely! I love a good face mask, might have to give this a try!

    Pippa | What Pippa Said xx


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