Nail Polish of the Week #2

Hey beaut's!

You may have seen that I added a new little addition to my blog last weekend in the shape of my Nail Polish of the Week! You can see last weeks post here where I was chatting all about  Barry M's Coconut Infusion Nail Paint in Surfboard but this week I have been obsessed with a nail polish I got for my birthday - Barry M's Molten Metal Nail Paint in Copper Mine.
As the name would suggest Copper Mine is a gorgeous copper-toned polish which is crammed with multi-tonal shimmer that catches the light beautifully, so if your into the copper craze at the moment then your going to love this shade and the rest of the Molten Metal collection for sure! The formula of Copper Mine is lovely, it applies evenly and smooth without any bubbling or streaking and dried super quickly too. Their are two things that really surprised me in a good way about this nail polish, the first being just how long this polish lasted on my nails with just one coat, it was honestly on my nails a good 5 days before I notice some slight wear at the very end of my nails and I had no major chipping what so ever! The second was just how easy it was to remove, shimmery or glitter polishes are such a pain to remove but I honestly had no trouble what so ever with this.
All in all I absolutely love this nail polish and think it will be perfect for Autumnal nails and accent nails, and even when those Christmas parties come around it will look super pretty!

Whats your favourite nail polish at the moment beaut's? I'd love to know!



  1. Oo this shade looks gorgeous! Barry M is my go to brand, I especially love the Aquarium polish in "mediterranean" it is such a gorgeous pink/gold metallic colour.

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  2. I absolutely LOVE BarryM nail polishes, a year a go I hadn't even considered buying anything from BarryM makeup wise, but now I've began collecting their makeup and also nail polishes. This looks gorgeous though, defo party-worthy!

  3. Loooove Barry m! This colour is great for Autumn xx

  4. This is so gorgeous!!! I saw this in store a couple of weeks ago but thought it was too Summery still to wear copper nails, but now we're edging into Autumn I really want to pick it up (she says whilst wearing bright coral polish) xx

  5. Love this polish so much, so glad you like it to xoxo


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