Lush Comforter Bubble Bar Review

Hey beaut's!

I think it's no secret that I'm a HUGE Lush fan and their Comforter Bubble Bar is one of my all time favourites that I've repurchased over and over again, but can you believe I have never reviewed it on my blog, I know naughty Hayley he he.

The Comforter Bubble Bar is one of the more pricey bubble bars from Lush coming in at £4.95 but considering it's huge size I think its totally worth it and such great value for money, the chunk I had this time around was super thick and bigger than my entire hand which meant I could break it off into chunks and get quite a few baths out of it, I actually quartered mine and had four baths from it which is such good value. 

As well as creating pretty pink water and lots of soft fluffy bubbles, the most impressive aspect of the Comforter for me is it's gorgeous scent, it contains Cassis absolute which gives it such a sweet and distinctive blackcurrant fragrance, ahhhh it's soooo nice, while the added bergamot oil gives it an uplifting feel great for someone who needs and little pick me up of if you like a morning bath to wake you up a bit! Something I love to do whilst bathing in the water from this bubble bar is washing my hair, honestly my hair holds the Comforter scent for two-ish days and it's just divine, you have to try washing your hair in your Lush baths beaut's, it's amazing! 
Overall I'd highly recommend giving the Comforter a whirl if you've never tried it before, trust me it will soon become a favourite of yours. I just love it's sweet, berry like scent and the pink and white colouring of the bubble bar itself creates such pretty pink water and LOADS of bubbles, my skin always feels so soft and nourished after using the Comforter too.

Is the Comforter your favourite bubble bar beaut's? I'd love to know!



  1. I always want to try something from Lush but I don't have the heart to spend that much! I really like the smell of this one though so I might treat myself soon! xox

  2. This is also my favourite! :)
    Great post ❤️

  3. Comforter is literally my favourite scent ever! i cant get enough of the show cream its so good

  4. The comforter is my absolute fav thing from lush xoxo

  5. The comforter is one of the only things I continuously repurchase from lush. Can't get over how amazing it smells!
    Beth x
    Beth Abigail

  6. I really want to try this!


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