Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara Review

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If your a long time reader of my blog then you may already know that I'm pretty much a mascara addict, I'm always buying new ones to try before I've even finished using a tube up, I'm terrible! Anywoooo... Right at the beginning of June whilst on a shopping trip with my girlie's I found an Eyeko makeup stand in the Norwich M&S so of course I had to pick something up, I ended up going for the Skinny Brush Mascara because it claimed to capture even the shortest lashes to lengthen, extend and separate like no other, and with my small eyes and short lashes that's exactly what I need, and after using this mascara for over a month now I thought it was the perfect time to review it for you all.
Firstly lets talk about the packaging.... The Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara (£15.00) has a pretty unique squeezy tube design, kind of like toothpaste which means you'll get zero wastage out of this as your ll be able to squeeze every last drop of the product out which I think is so good. You also get 'The Eyeko Sheild' in every mascara box which looks just like a guitar pick, its designed to be held behind the lashes whilst you apply your mascara minimising smudges and to get a cleaner application, I must admit I haven't needed too use mine but if you find mascara tricky to apply I can see how it could come in handy. The brush itself I love, it's small and thin with spiralized bristles so it's great for anyone with smaller eyes/lashes like mine, it can literally get to the tiniest of lashes and is great for lower lashes too.
The formula of the Skinny Brush Mascara is a intense jet black shade and quite wet which means I don't have to load my brush up with much product or do any re-dipping, it also features a unique botanical blend with the key ingredient being Pro-vitamin B which promotes growth by preventing breakage for instantly longer lashes with long-term lash care which I think is great. 

I love the results I get when using this mascara, my lashes to look curled and the super black formula makes my lashes really stand out. It definitely gives me extra length and some slight volume too. The lasting power is great, it is water-resistant so I easily get a full days wear out of it without any flaking or smudging, the only gripe I have is that every now and again I do get slight transferring on my brow bone which can be annoying, I think this is because my eyelashes are constantly  touching my brow bone and the fact I have oily eyelids doesn't help either.
Overall I do love this mascara, I find it super quick and easy to use because of the smaller wand, the formula literally makes my lashes appear longer, super defined and really opens my eyes up more making them appear bigger, and it doesn't crumble, flake, smudge or run throughout the day either. So if you have little lashes like mine that need a bit of a boost then I'd definitely recommend giving this one a whirl!

Have you tried any of the Eyeko Mascara's beaut's? Which is your favourite? I'd love to know!



  1. I wondered how you've been getting on with this lol! sounds good hun xoxo

  2. I much prefer skinnier mascara brushes, will have to give this a go!


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