Esqido False Lashes and Lash Glue Review

Hey beaut's!

False lashes are something I absolutely love but only ever wear on special occasions or nights out, I think they can pull a whole look together and when wearing the right pair for you they can look absolutely beautiful against your eyeshadow work. I've recently been road testing a couple of pairs of Esqido's False Eyelashes from there Mink Collection and the Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue, I have tried Esqido lashes before and loved them but I've never tried them with the Esqido glue so I was keen to see the results! 

If you haven't heard about Esqido's Mink Collection, they're handcrafted, cruelty-free lashes that are made of the highest grade, naturally shed Mink hairs, so no harm comes to the animal while the lashes are being made, (insert very happy face he he). The benefit of using mink is that the hairs are much wispier and also taper at the ends, much like our own lashes, which gives a more natural look.

The first pair of lashes out of the two I've been testing are my absolute favourites, there called the Lash Named Desire* and are so pretty. The Lash Named Desire lashes have a sultry combination of criss-crossed lashes with winged out ends which I absolutely love, I'd say they create medium volume and length whilst also appearing quite delicate and not too 'fake' looking which again I love.
The second pair that I've been giving a whirl is the Miss Dolly* lashes, this doll-like style have lash strands that have been evenly distributed with alternating lengths, I find this pair really accentuate my natural lashes and again don't look very 'fake' at all. Something that makes a huge difference for me with Esqido's lashes is that the actual individual lashes sit on a cotton band instead of the usual plastic band, this makes them so much easier to apply, are much more comfortable to wear and they feel much lighter than your typical false lash, in fact I cant even feel them at all once their on.
Esqido also have a Companion Eyelash Glue* ($10.00) which I was looking forward to using as some eyelash glues I've tried before are completely useless but this one is actually brilliant! The glue itself is made up of a gentle mixture which is invisible, has strong all day long hold, is latex free and will keep those lashes in place like no other. The wand is also super easy to use too because it has a tiny fine tip that you can use to paint on the strip of your lashes without getting into a gloopy mess!
Overall I think these are absolutely beautiful lashes, they just pull any eyeshadow look together and make your eyes appear so pretty and fluttery with that obvious fake lash look. I also have to add just how easy these lashes are to apply, I'm usually useless at applying false lashes but didn't find these to difficult at all. The Esqido lashes are also reusable up to 25 times, which somewhat justifies the higher price tag of $35.00 each. Obviously to get the most out of these lashes you do need to take good care of them by removing them in the correct way and storing them safely, so make sure you hang on to the pretty white and rose gold boxes beaut's!

Have you tried any lashes by Esqido beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know.



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