Mini Primark Haul

Hey beaut's!

Last week I went to Norwich and I just had to pop into Primark and see what new bits they had, to be honest I didn't see a great deal that tickled my fancy, I think it's because it's that funny time of year where all the Spring stuff is coming in yet it's still freezing cold here in the UK, never the less I did pick a couple of things up so I thought I would share them with you all today!

The first thing I picked up was a Lace Up Front T-Shirt (£7.00) in a gorgeous berry red shade, I've been after one of these lace up tops for quite a while but never found one that fits me perfect until I tried this beauty on. What I like about this one in particular is that the fabric is really soft but really thick so it's great to wear right now with my little leather jacket!
Then I went and had a look at the shoes and my goodness it was sandal overload, I've honestly never seen so many sandals in one place in my entire life! I ended up going for these cute Diamante Floral Sandals in Black (£6.00), they had these in so many colours but hardly any of them had any size 3's left (I have tiny feet you see) so when I spotted the black pair in a size 3 I just had to nab them to put away for the Summer before they sold out.
Sticking with the Spring/Summer theme I picked up some new sunnies! You literally cant beat Primarks sunglasses, theres so many pairs too choose from and they are so cheap. I went for the pair Primark call the Retro Club master in Brown, I love the shape and style of these and my boyfriend said that he loved them when I tried them on, so for £2.00 they went straight into my basket he he.
Then I ventured upstairs to check out the home ware, I really wish Norwich had a bigger home ware section as I'm slightly obsessed with Primarks home ware. The first thing that caught my eye was one of their candles in French Vanilla (£2.50), this candle smells incredible and so strongly of vanilla, I love it! Also the square copper/rose gold glass jar the the candle comes in is stunning and I will be reusing it somehow on my dressing table, I'm thinking maybe for my eye makeup brushes!
Lastly I picked up this cute watermelon 'Life is Sweet' dome shaped cup with a straw (£3.00), I got this to encourage me to drink more water when I'm at the computer blogging away and it would be great for smoothies and milkshakes too.
Have you picked up any goodies from Primark recently beaut's? I'd love to know!


  1. Ahh, you cant beat a good Primark haul - although I know what you mean about it being a bit 'inbetweeny' right now!
    Looks like you got some gorgeous pieces though - I LOVE the glasses and top best <3

  2. Oh I love that top I really need one of them in my life, Primark sunglasses are so good, and that candle sounds lush I love vanilla scents xoxo

  3. I love the sandals! I just picked up a pair for myself too! Roll on summer I say! :)

  4. I seriously need to get my arse to Primark! I have been after one of those lace up tops for aaagges! You got some lovely things x

  5. I love that top! I love primark for cheap little essentials and their candles are amazing. Even if they don't smell strong, the containers are really sturdy and great little tealight holders for the future.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  6. I love a primark haul! Great picks here. I live in Norwich, so this is my local store and I agree with you, I so wish there was a bigger homeware section it's so tiny compared to other stores I've been to xx

    Lauren |

  7. I'm desperate for a Primark shop time!

  8. I really love the lace up top ! xo

    Emily |

  9. I love the lace up top! I will definitely try and hunt one down! x
    Louise |


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