Lush Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb Review

Hi beaut's!

You may remember a while back I posted a Mini Lush Haul and within that haul was some Mother's Day and Easter sweet smelling treats. I'm begrudgingly getting through all my Lush limited edition goodies now ( I want them to last forever ha ha ) so I thought it was about time to start sharing my thoughts on some of them starting with the gorgeous Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb.

The Lush Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb (£2.95) is shaped like a decorative Easter Egg and has a cute, hot pink colour to it that any girly girl would love! The scent of Fluffy Egg is simply gorgeous, if your missing your Snow Fairy fix already then Fluffy Egg could cur those cravings because it's smells so similar to Snow Fairy, it's just so sugary and sweet, arrhh I love it!

As for how Fluffy Egg worked in my bath... Well, as soon as I popped the pink, sweet smelling gorgeousness into my bath it fizzed and swirled away and immediately had my bath water turning a shade of hot pink and filled the whole upstairs of my house with it's sugary sweet, candy like scent which was amazing!  I found the scent also lingered on my skin the whole evening too, and I could even smell it in my hair the next day it was amazing! As always after a Lush bath, my skin felt super soft and I definitely felt the effects of Fluffy Egg's calming and relaxed ability. 

  Overall I LOVE Lush's Fluffy Egg, I'm so happy the decided to bring it back again this year because just like last year I'm obsessed, it's so nice having that hint of Snow Fairy back in my life again too he he.

Have you tried Fluffy Egg yet beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!



  1. I bought it last year and again this year :)

  2. I need to pick this up when i'm in Lush next, it looks amazing! I love their bath bombs :) xx

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  3. I absolutely love the Fluffy Egg! Not only is it super cute but it smells just like the Creamy Candy Bar and Snow Fairy...wish it wasn't limited edition!

    Sophia Meola | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  4. That sounds lovely love sweet scents xoxo

  5. I ordered this one online and I'm waiting for it to arrive ...this post made me super impatient and excited for it haha! It sounds amazing! Lovely post :) xx

  6. Just bought this yesterday! It was the smell that drew me in, can't wait to try it out!
    P xx


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