Lush Bunch of Carrots Review

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Happy Easter to you all, I hope your all having a fabulous Easter Sunday so far and scoffing lots of chocolaty treats! Anyway, you may remember a while back I posted a Mini Lush Haul and within that haul was some of the Mother's Day and Easter sweet smelling treats. I'm begrudgingly getting through all my Lush limited edition goodies now ( I want them to last forever ha ha ) so today I thought it would be the perfect time to review the ever so adorable Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar.

The Lush Bunch of Carrots are three Reusable Bubble Bar's that are shaped as the name would suggest as a cute bunch or carrots tied together by their stalks. Lush did do the Bunch of Carrots last year but this year they switched things up a bit and have given them a colourful makeover so instead of getting three orange carrots you actually get one orange, one pink and one purple carrot, I love this change! The scent of the bunch of carrots is lovely, it contains a gorgeous blend of buchu oil, Sicilian lemon and bergamot oils which gives you such an uplifting bath with fruity and sweet scents running through it!

As for how these adorable carrots work... You can actually swirl the entire bunch of carrots around the bath by their stalks but I've actually been using each carrot separately to make the most out of the pretty colours, I feared that if I used them all together I might just end up with a grey bath once the colours where combined. As you can probably imagine the orange carrot created a soft orange almost peachy coloured bath water, the pink carrot gave me hot pink coloured water and my favourite was actually the purple carrot because it turned the water a soft lilac colour which looked absolutely stunning, you may have seen me post pictures on my Instagram and Twitter of these as I done a post on each carrot! Each carrot created tonnes of bubbles and left it's gorgeous scent behind on my skin after getting out of the bath. 

The Bunch of Carrots are quite pricey at £6.25 for the bunch but actually I think its amazing value as you can separate each carrot and keep reusing each one over and over until their gone. I have actually used all my carrots up now and got 2 baths out of each one but I'd definitely say you can get more out of them it just depends how bubbley you want your bath really! 

Did you manage to get the Lush Bunch of Carrots beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!



  1. I love how they are different colours this year much better then all orange xoxo

  2. Yay for different colours! : ) I agree this is a great change. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. I'm loving these at the mo!

  4. My Mom got me these for Easter so after hearing you and many others praise them, I'm very excited to try them out for myself!

    Franzi. x // []

  5. Loved the look of these, but I didn't end up purchasing in my recent Lush haul. Kinda gutted I didn't now :(

    The Jewel Beauty | A friendly beauty & lifestyle blog ツ

  6. I had the original bunch of carrots last year when they were all orange but I love that they have gone all multicoloured! I didn't find that they did anything particularly to my skin but I loved the scent (was something that Lush hadn't really done before) and all the bubbles they made! xx

  7. I bought the bunch of carrots last year but they looked amazing this year with all the different colours!

    Emily xo


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