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It's fair to say Makeup Revolution are on 'new release' fire at the moment, they just seem to be releasing new and exciting makeup constantly and I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in saying that I'm loving it! This time around we have a collection of 8 new products to get stupidly excited about, yup Makeup Revolution have done it again and got me addicted to their NEW 'The One Blush Sticks'.
The all new 'The One Blush Sticks'* (£5.00 each) by Makeup Revolution are designed for multiple use across your Cheeks and Lips and can be used dry for hi-intensity colour payoff or wet for a smooth sheer finish. There are 8 of 'The One Blush Sticks'* to choose from, 4 of which are matte and the other 4 are shimmers, I personally love how they've created the same shades but in the two finishes, I don't know about you but I often find myself liking a particular shade in something but wishing it was a matte finish instead of a shimmer or vise versa so I'm very happy that Makeup Revolution have chosen to do that.
The packaging of 'The One Blush Sticks' I really do favour, they look like large lipstick tubes and turn up from the bottom just like lipsticks do, to define the matte finishes to the shimmers finishes Makeup Revolution have actually matched the packaging to the finish, so the shimmer finish blushes have glossy packaging where as the matte finish blushes have matte packaging which I think is a really good idea, however I do wish they had the shade names on them as the shades names only appear on the outta cardboard box. I know alot of you will be thinking that 'The One Blush Sticks' look very much like the popular Nars Multiples, but having never tried or owned one I'm not going to be able to tell you whether these are a dupe or not, however there is definitely potential!
The formula of all these blush sticks is lovely and creamy, easy to work with and the pigmentation is amazing, trust me when I say a little goes a long way with these. I love how you have plenty of blending time with all of these blush sticks, they don't dry/set quickly which I prefer as it gives you time to blend blend blend and get your blush/bronzer completely even and exactly how you want it.

The shade range of 'The One Blush Sticks' collection is really lovely, I've have gone into more detail below for you all...
Matte Dream is a girlie, baby pink shade, great if you want a subtle blush look that day and it's perfect for paler skin tones too.
Matte Pink is very similar to the shimmer pink, but because of its matte formula it's darker in pigmentation and more vibrant on the cheeks.
Matte Rush is a bright coral-orange shade full of pigmentation.
Matte Malibu is perfect for cream contouring because it lays/blends perfectly on the skin without any shimmers running through it.
Dream is a sheer baby pink shade that's perfect to use as a cream highlighter, it gives the same affect as Benefits High Beam would give which I love.
Pink is great for creating those pretty pink cheeks and is perfect for everyday wear.
Rush is a beautiful yet subtle coral shade that contains lots of finely milled gold shimmers, I could see this looking beautiful in the Spring/Summer months.

Malibu is a cream bronzer shade and again has some finely milled gold shimmers running through it to give you that Summer glow. 

Overall I absolutely love this new release from Makeup Revolution, is their anything they cant do he he, It really is hard to believe that Makeup Revolution only launched six months ago, I feel like I've been loving their makeup for years not months he he.

Have you trued any of these Blush Sticks beaut's?? Which one is your favourite?? I'd love to know.



  1. I haven't tried the blush sticks yet but I'm defo going to have to after reading this.
    I agree on them being on fire with release though, it's so detrimental to my bank account, thank goodness they're such good value for money!
    <3 Fran - xx

  2. I haven't tried any of these yet but I've seen so many positive reviews on it now that I'll probably end up getting them, I love how Makeup Revolution cater for darker skinned people because sometimes I find it hard to find a bronzer that suits my mixed race skin - great post :-)

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  3. I am super impressed with these too, and can't believe they are only £5. I love the matte Malibu for contouring!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I also want these sticks please let me know how to buy


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