Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and Subversion Primer Review

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Recently Ive been hearing so many good things about a website called Cohorted, their amazing offers/prices on high end makeup and beauty goodies is so impressive and I just love how the website works in general. If you haven't heard of Cohorted before its basically a site which uses real-time power of shopping groups (Cohorts) to lower the prices of products, every Monday at 6pm, four ‘Cohorts’ go live. Each Cohort is a beauty product with limited stock, and as the stock sells out the price drops. Each customer will only ever pay the end price and the money isn’t taken out until the Cohort closes, either the following Monday or when the stock sells out. Products they've had in the past include Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (50% off), MAC lipsticks (20% off), Benefit They’re Real push up liner (30% off) and that's just to same a few, wowza.

I was kindly asked by the lovelies over at Cohorted if I'd like to review the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and Subversion Primer Duo* and being the mascara addict that I am I just couldn't wait to test them out. The Perversion Mascara claims to leave you with bigger, blacker, badder looking lashes and I have to say they are pretty much on point with that description. The Perversion Mascara's formula is very wet which instantly made me think it was going to be messy to apply and clumpy but I was pleasantly surprised, it actually pulls through my lashes very well without clumping at all, I always tend to layer on the mascara as I always like my lashes to look huge to open up my smaller eyes and I found Perversion great for layering on the coats and wasn't messy at all despite its wet formula. The shade of the mascara really is blacker than black and has “triple black pigments” within the formula for that deep, sultry lash look which I love. As for the brush... The Perversion Mascara has a twisted trim, high-tech, volumizing brush that latches on to each lash and really separates and defines whist adding an oomph of volume too, I absolutely love the results and my lashes have even been complemented on whilst I've been serving customers at work which is always nice he he.
As for the mascaras lasting power... It's really good, it lasted all day without any flaking however I did experience some light transfer smudging on my brow bone, because of my hooded eyes and the fact the mascara really lengthens my lashes it meant that my lashes constantly touch and rub against my brow bone, its not really a major for me as I'm used to it and always seem to suffer with that with alot of mascaras howvere I know for some people it can be very frustrating so just bare that in mind. 

As for the Subversion Primer... I have to admit using the Subversion mascara primer before the Perversion mascara really is a must in my opinion and really does bring out the best in the mascara, I find it doesn't perform as well without the primer for some reason. The mascara just glides on so much more smooth and even when used with a primer and I find it helps prevent clumping and improve the volume, a definite must in my eyes.

Overall I absolutely love this mascara, its lengthens, separates, adds volume, makes my lashes looks super black and smoky, the primer is easy to use and really gives enhances the results, the brush is a bristle brush making it easy to use and isn't rough and scratchy like those plastic brushes, all in all its great!

The Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and Subversion Primer Duo is currently on the Cohorted website whilst I'm typing this and is at £9.60 instead of £17.00, that's a 44% discount! Don't miss out beaut's, check it out HERE.

I'd love to know of any bargains you've managed to pick up from the Cohorted website before beaut's!



  1. Your eyelashes look incredible with this mascara! I'm going to have to check it out on Cohorted! It is a shame it doesn't work as well without the primer but the results with it are incredible! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  2. I've just come across cohorted! It's a lot like the old buyapower which is now none-existent, just wish they posted more deals! I llike the sound of an eyelash primer but it's just another product I suppose. Your lashes do look amazing though xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  3. Wow wow wow wow! I'd not heard of them before but the idea around it sounds amazing, your eyelashes look amazing toooo! x

    Glitter Infatuation - Bloglovin

  4. Not sure I would go for that look in the day-time but would suit the evening well!

    Amy at Amy & More

  5. It looks incredible, really made your lashes stand out!x

  6. Your lashes look amazing! I didnt think there would be any left on Cohorted, but there is so I just made my first order! x

    Along Came Kelly x


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