Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Mask Review!

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Recently I've been giving all of Soap & Glory's face masks a whirl because I got their fab face mask gift set for Christmas and I've been so impressed so far, you can read about what I thought of their moisturising mask HERE if you like! This time around I decided to give their Puffy Eye Attack eye mask a whirl and thought I'd share how I got on with you all today!

 I haven't really used a great deal of eye masks before, face masks yes - I've tried every variation of those as I do love a good face mask, but eye masks are pretty new to me so I was really looking forward to trying these! The Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches are said to refresh and revitalise tired, puffy eyes which is exactly what I need before my early starts at work I tell ya! The patches their selves are little gel under-eye patches which are soaked in a jelly serum and fit perfectly under my eyes and adhered well without falling off, they didn't sting at all when they where on either which I was happy about because my eyes can be quite sensitive sometimes, they did however feel a little bit cooling when they where on which I liked but if I was to buy them again I'd store mine in the fridge for that ultimate cooling sensation. The directions suggest leaving the patches on for 20-30 minutes, I left mine on for around 20 minutes because I wanted to get on and put my makeup on, and I have to say after using these little beauties I do like really them, they do exactly what they claim to and make my under-eyes look brighter, more awake, less puffy and because I done my makeup straight afterwards I found my concealer went on and looked incredible after using these, honestly my concealer has never looked so good!

Overall I would definitely buy the Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Patches again, I think their best used in the mornings when your tired eyes need a bit of a boost but equally you could use them in the evening after a long, tiring day at work too. I whacked mine on whilst I was doing my morning scroll through the ole socials and they worked an absolute treat!

You can find the Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches for £3.50 HERE


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  1. This eye mask sounds great! I struggle with dark circles and puffiness under my eyes, I need this!
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