Benefit Makeup I've Been Putting To The Test!

Hey beaut's!

Over the last month or so I've been working my way through all the gift sets I got for Christmas and one of them was a Benefit set complete with five products to put to the test, so today I thought I'd share which ones I've been loving so far and which ones don't really cut the mustard!
So lets kick things off with the Bad Girl Bang Mascara, this is Benefit's latest mascara launch and I was so excited to try it but truth be told I'm still on the fence about it! The things I love about the Bad Girl Bang mascara is that it creates lots of length, it's super black, it doesn't smudge or flake and it doesn't feel heavy on my lashes however.. when it creates that length it almost makes my lashes look spidery which is something I really don't like in a mascara, I also find it a little hard to apply because the mascara wand is very long and the brush itself is quite thin and bendy so I really have to be weary when I apply it! So yeah I'm still a bit unsure on this one beaut's!
I knew I was going to love the Hoola Bronzer because I already have one on the go that I've hit pan on so I'm happy to have a replacement on hand! If your yet to try this cult classic it's an amazing matte bronzer that's great for both contouring and bronzing up the skin because it's that in-between colour where it's not too warm or two cool making it so versatile! Moving onto Gimme Brow which is soooo good, it's a tinted eyebrow gel which contains tiny microfibers that adhere to your skin and brow hairs, it not only sets your brows in place all day but it creates natural-looking fullness and definition, it honestly makes my brows look so full a fluffy but not in a harsh way if that makes sense, and it doesn't dry hard or crispy either thank goodness!

The POREfessional Pearl Primer was another product I was really interested in trying, I've always felt the orginal POREfessional was good at filling in my pores but was quite drying on my skin so I was interested in seeing if the pearl formula was different, and it isn't! The Pearl Primer works in the exact same was as POREfessional does however it's meant to add a soft radiance to the skin and leave your skin looking brighter and to be honest I didn't notice a difference at all, and it was still quite drying on me. That being said it is really good at filling in pores so it's not all bad I guess!

I think one of my favourite products here has to be the They're Real! Double The Lip, I have to admit I really wasn't interested in these when they launched because I thought.. how is a lipstick with a built-in lip liner going to work and be precise but actually after trying it out I bloody love it! I have the shade Lusty Rose which is the perfect everyday shade, it feels quite balmy on the lips and is so comfortable to wear and the concept really works well giving me a perfect pout in seconds!

Have you tried any of these products beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!


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  1. So many great products! I love Hoola bronzer, it's my go to in Summer. I'm not too sure how I feel about Bad Gal Bang either, it's definitely not my favourite, but it's not the worst either xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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