Theres A New Subscription Box In Town - British Beauty Box Reviewed!

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You probably all know by now that I love a good ole subscription box, I just love the whole element of surprise, I mean who doesn't? Well there’s a shiny new subscription box in town that you guys and gals just might need in your life, so say hello to British Beauty Box!  

British Beauty Box is a skincare and haircare subscription box that is delivered to your door every 3 months, each box will contain 5 full size luxury products that will be worth at least double the price you pay for your box, the contents of the September box is worth a whopping £128, that's crazy good right! Heres what I received, and I have to say I'm over the moon with the contents....
* Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm With Dual-Action Cleansing Cloth £47.00 - I absolutely love the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, I've had two jars previously but the hefty price tag did put me off re-purchasing it anymore, so the fact theres a whopping 100g pot within the British Beauty Box makes me very happy! The cleansing balm turns into an luxurious feeling oil once you start rubbing it into the skin and literally breaks down any makeup or SPF you've had on your face all day, and the dual-action cleansing cloth has a gentle yet abrasive muslin side to wipe away the oil from my face and down my neck and then theres a smoother, micro fibre side perfect for the eye area and voila... My skin is left super clean, conditioned and not dry what so ever! 
* Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads £14.95 - I've heard a lot of good things about these Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads, in fact their a best-seller for Nip + Fab so I cant wait to give them a go. You get 60 pre-soaked pads within the pot and all you have to do is rub one all over your face at night to exfoliate the skin and let the acids within the pad do their thang!!!
*Ark Skincare Pre Cleanse & Makeup Remover £30.00 - Then we have another cleanser type product which personally I'm so happy about, I'm always on the look out for good cleansers seeing as it's one of the most important steps in our daily skincare routine! The Ark Skincare Pre Cleanse & Makeup Remover has a water like consistency that you use with a cotton wool pad to remove all of your makeup and the days daily grime from your face. I've really enjoyed using this so far, it removes my makeup well and is so soft and gentle on my skin, I also love the fact it's made with natural ingredients and is vegan friendly! 
* Bybi Babe Balm £18.00 - The Bybi Babe Natural Beauty Balm is a fab multi-purpose skincare product, I think dry skinned gals will definitely benefit from this product a lot because it can be used as a super rich moisturiser, a night cream, a lip balm, a hand cream the list literally goes on and on, I think this is going to be an essential autumn and winter product that I wont be able to live without!
* Manuka Doctor Radiance Serum - Finally this month we have the Manuka Doctor Radiance Serum, this lovely stuff boosts your skins radiance and gives an instant illuminating effect. It helps to tighten the skin too so wrinkles will appear reduced and it leaves the skin looking more firm and supple, it's the perfect product to whack on before you apply your foundation!
So lets get down to business, how much is the box gonna cost ya....Theres 3 different payments you can choose from when subscribing to British Beauty Box, you can opt to pay monthly which will cost £25.00, or you can pay £50.00 quarterly which will save you 30% on the monthly subscription which I think is the best deal as it makes the price around £16.00 of so a month, or you can do a one time payment of £175.00 for a full years worth of British Beauty Boxes!

As you can see this box contains some cracking products to help keep your skin looking absolutely beautiful, I'm really impressed with the contents and actually didn't expect to receive such luxury 'high-end' products if I'm honest! I also love that British Beauty Box pop a little gift bag into the box too so if theres something your not really feeling you can share it with your nearest and dearest, what a nice touch!

Subscribe and receive your first box HERE.



  1. Ooh this subscription box looks amazing!! Id love to try it out personally! Ill have to look into it more! xx

  2. What great products for a subscription box xx


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