Keep Your Brows And Lips Locked With Lipcote!

Hey beauts!

Keeping your makeup set into place is key, we all love our setting sprays and mists and lets face it most of us just couldn't be without them now but locking in my lips and brows is something I didn't do until just recently!

Lipcote & Co's latest launch is Browcote*, a waterproof brow gel that locks in your brows during workouts and daily life, and it can be used on bare brows or on top of your usual brow make-up. To be honest I never wear my brows bare, I always need to do a little shaping and filling in so I use Browcote on top of my brow pencil or powder, this sets my brows into place like nothing else and the tiny little brush slicks through every single little brow hair leaving a fluffy more natural look to my brows which I adore! Don't worry about your brows going crispy or flaky either because that hasn't happened to me at all, they do feel a little textured but other than that they are set into place and ready to take on the day! I also love how this is a clear brow gel because it will literally suit everyone's brows and you don't have the worry of it being too dark or light for your brows!
If you want your favourite lip colour to last like nothing else - I'm talking even after eating, drinking and of course a little smooch then the original OG Lipcote* is where the parties at! This stuff brings back so many memories for me because me and my friends used to use Lipcote in high school to keep that 90's lip on all day, and truth be told I haven't used the stuff for a super long time until recently and as soon as I whacked it on my lips again it took me right back to those school days! If your new to Lipcote all you have to do to use it is apply your lipstick as normal then blot with a tissue and then repeat the process again; then evenly brush Lipcote over your lips and slightly beyond your lipstick and leave to set for a minute or so, then your lipstick will be transfer proof and water resistant, it will last longer and wont feather at all which is particularly good for darker colours and reds! The only niggle I would say is that my lips can become a little dry as the day goes on but other than that this stuff is pretty impressive! 

Have you tried Browcote yet beaut's or are you a long time lover of Lipcote? I'd love to know!

You can find Browcote for £6.99 HERE and Lipcote for £3.69 HERE.


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  1. These both sound really good, I'll have to give them a whirl xxx


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