Kit Stars Makeup Brushes Reviewed!

Hey beaut's!

I'm a serious makeup brush addict, I just cant resist collecting makeup brushes and putting them to the test so when Kit Stars launched their gorgeous makeup brushes on the Beauty Chamber website I couldn't wait to whack them on my face and get blending!

The Kit Stars makeup brushes come in either natural hair or synthetic vegan fibres for face, eyes and lips with 10 different head shapes to collect! I opted for the synthetic set because all of my makeup brushes I own are already synthetic and I'm happier with synthetics if I'm honest, plus synthetics work with powders, creams and liquids extremely well! Each Kit Stars brush has hand crafted, solid copper ferrules with a gold plated finish and sturdy black handles which look super sleek and professional, I also like how each brush has the brush number and name written on the side of them, this is great for beginners that might need some help on what to use each brush for. The brush bristles are an on off-white ivory colour and are the softest, fluffiest little beauties everrrr, arhhh I find myself just stroking my face randomly because it just feels so nice against my skin and not scratchy in the slightest!
Out of the 10 brushes I have theres 4 for the face and 6 for eyes and lips, obviously the brushes are all multi-use and can be used in numerous different ways, it's all about finding which brush works best in your routine really isn't it! Anywhooo here's the lowdown on all the brushes within the collection....
S1 Powder* (£10.00) 
 This is a lovely large fluffy powder brush best used for setting your face with pressed or loose powder, I've also used this one with my bronzer too and it blended like a dream.
S2 Shaping Veil* (£9.00) 
 This is probably one of my favourite plus the most useful brushes within the collection because you can literally use it in a multitude of ways from sculpting, contouring, highlighting, applying blush and blending in concealer, it's uses are never ended to be honest!
S3 Blush* (£10.00) 
This is a nice fluffy brush that applies blusher beautifully, the bristles are the perfect shape to hug your cheekbones and leaves such a soft, defused wash of colour to the cheeks!
S4 Base* (£11.00)
Another one of my favourites within the collection is the base brush, we all long for that perfect foundation brush that will blend our base in quickly and effortlessly without a single streak in sight and this brush does just that, it's so simple to use and the results are flawless!
S30 Small Tapered Blender* (£7.00) 
This little beauty is great for adding definition and contour shades through the crease line. The slimmer 'blending brush' design allows for more detailed blending out and can get right into the socket and inner corners with ease.
S31 Tapered Blender* (£7.00) 
This is a staple in every ones makeup collection, it's a fluffy blending brush that applies transition shades through the crease line with ease and buffs and blends your eyeshadow out to pure perfection, yet another favourite of mine.
S32 Shader* (£7.00) 
 Another staple to add to your collection is a shader brush, this packs colour onto the lids quickly and is also the perfect shape to pack glitter on the face and eyes too. I also like to use this one for applying and blending eyeshadow underneath my lower lash line! 
S33 Micro Pencil* (£6.00) 
 If your a fan of a highlighted into corner then your going to love this little brush, it's the perfect mini size that gets right into that tear-duct area so easily. 
S40 Easy Lip* (£6.00)  
The easy lip brush is small with a curved angle that allows perfect precision around the contours of the lips, I must admit I always use a lip brush with bolder colours like reds and burgundys and this brush makes light work of the application process.
S41 Short Angle* (£6.00) 
No brush collection would be complete without a little angled brush to tackle those brows would it, I love this one because the bristles are so short and sturdy making it so precise and easy to achieve a killer brow!

Overall I am so impressed with these brushes, not only do they look stunning on my dresser but they are so easy to work with, they blend my makeup like a dream and they even wash up well without any shedding bristles and they keep their shape. The quality feels really professional with these too, I can seem them lasting me for years if I'm honest, I love them so much!

You can find the full Kit Stars Makeup Brush Collection on the Beauty Chamber website HERE with prices ranging from £6.00- £11.00!



  1. These look like such great quality brushes

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  2. These brushes look really nice. I especially like that they tell you what each one is for. I hate the whole number system some brushes have.. or the ones that don't tell you anything.

  3. These brushes are aesthetically pleasing. Great pics too.

  4. These are all such beautiful brushes, they look like they're definitely worth the money as well! x

    Han |

  5. These look really nice, and such good prices.


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