My Top 5 Makeup Setting/Priming Sprays!

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Makeup setting sprays and priming sprays are huge these days and I for one am a total addict of them, priming sprays always make such a different in how my foundation looks on my skin and setting sprays... well they just keep everything set and in place, no melting clown faces to see here beaut's he he! 

I'd say MAC's Fix + and Technic's Primer Spray are both my favourites for refreshing and priming my skin, and to be honest despite the price difference they both work in more or less the same way. Before I apply my foundation or concealer I literally drench my face in either of these beauties and then I go straight in with my foundation and concealer whilst my face is still wet with the priming sprays, this does something magical as I'm blending everything in and the overall finish of my base makeup is lovely, so lightweight, smooth and dewy, I love it. Both of these priming sprays can really transform your eye shadows and highlighters into well pigmented, gleaming gorgeousness too, just spritz your makeup brush and your well away!
As for setting sprays theres one clear, affordable winner for me and that's the Barry M Mist & Fix Dewy Finish Setting Spray quickly followed by Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting SprayThese two are extremely similar to each other and practically work the same way although, I would say Urban Decay's offering does keep my makeup in place a tiny bit longer than Barry M's Mist & Fix but I'd say Barry M have a great dupe here and for a fraction of the price, plus I love the fact Barry M have the option for a Dewy finish setting spray or a Matte one, you don't see that very often. Finally I adore Rimmel's #Insta Fix & Go, this is a two for the price of one kind of product, not only does it set and lock in your makeup but it can be used to prime the skin too, you cant beat getting two products in one can you! Not only is Rimmel's offering really good for the price but it gets the award for best smelling making spray in my opinion, on my goodness it has the most amazing refreshing cucumber scent which is so lovely and something you don't find in most makeup setting sprays do you. I'd definitely say all three of these sprays keep my makeup in place a good 7+ hours without any fading, caking or melting and none of them dry my skin out at all and they keep me looking fresh, dewy and radiant which I love.

Honestly beaut's if you haven't tried any of these makeup setting/priming sprays then now is the time to take yourself too Boots or Superdrug or place a cheeky online order and treat yourself to a couple to try, you wont regret it trust me!



  1. I've enjoyed the NYX matte setting spray and Fix+ in the past, but lately I've been using my Thayers Rose Petal toner with a spray bottle as my setting spray. It works!

  2. This is really helpful. I keep looking to buy a new one, my current one is a Nyx one.. but the spray is a bit violent on it. Which spray is more like a mist and gentle out of the setting sprays that you like?

    1. The Urban Decay and Barry M have the best nozzle's on mine for a good mist I'd say lovely! xx


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