Catseye London Summer Collection 2017

Hey beaut's!

A couple of years back I fell in love with the quirky website called Catseye London, they mainly focus on fashion and beauty accessories such as Makeup Bags, Wash Bags, Handbags, Purses, Pocket Mirrors etc all of which have amazing photographic designs on them, trust me girls if you love anything cute, quirky and vintage inspired your going to love this website just as much as I do! Since Summer is just around the corner Catseye London have updated their website and launched some gorgeous new bits with Summer in mind, so if your jetting off anytime soon you might want to give their site a little look as their new wash bags and makeup bags are gorgeous!
I've been using a couple of their beauty bags in the Etching Dog Collection recently and have been really impressed with the quality and how much you can actually cram into each. The Etching Dog Long Bag* (£12.00)  has been my go to makeup bag for my handbag, it holds the essentials that I might need to top up on during the day like powder, eyeliner and lipstick as well as a couple of makeup brushes, cotton buds, plasters and bobby pins, but it could easily double up as a pencil case as well. Then theres the Etching Dog Large Beauty Bag* (£20.00) which is amazing (and my favourite) because its so spacious and sturdy and can hold so much stuff, this is definitely a good one too have if have loads of makeup or lotions and potions to take away with you because you could easily whack them all in this, so perfect for me because I basically have to pack EVERYTHING when I go away. 
Both bags are made out of that glossy, patent material which is great because it makes it really easy to wipe/rinse clean if you have an spillages during travelling, they also have strong, sturdy silver zippers too which keeps everything safe and secure. The designs and colours are so cute too, can we just appreciate the pop-art pup print (awww) and I love the shade of blue the bags have on them, and the black and white polka dots are right up my street.

Have you tried anything from Catseye London before beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know?

You can find the Etching Dog Collection as well as lots of other designs on the Catseye London website HERE.



  1. I love Catseye they have the cutest kitten designs! And this pooch is adorable too:) x

  2. Lovely post :) I'm going to check this website out - it sounds great. x


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