Barry M Colour Correcting Wand - Eradicates Dark Circles Review

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If theres one thing on my face that I really hate its my dark circles, I seem to have been cursed with them, no matter how much sleep I get I always wake up with that dreaded darkness under my eyes so a good coverage concealer in an essential for me to cover those bad boys up, however when I saw that Barry M now have a colour correcting wand specially designed to eradicates dark circles I just had to buy it to try.
Barry M's Colour Correcting Wand in the shade Yellow is a blendable cream which is to be applied before/underneath your makeup to help eradicate those pesky dark circles. The formula itself is creamy just like concealer and blends out beautifully with a beauty blender or concealer brush, it doesn't sit heavy under my eyes or go cakey which is something I was worried about, and I haven't experienced any creasing since layering this up with my other base makeup products either, woohoo. It terms of this actually doing what is says on the tin or should a say tube... well beaut's it works, I mean it's not a miracle worker that's going to make my darkness vanish never to be seen again (I wish), but it certainly does an amazing job at lessening the darkness around my eyes whilst also adding some slight coverage and really brightens up the eye area beyond belief too. If your like me and always use a very light concealer under your eyes to brighten and highlight then this little sunshine coloured stuff is what you need because it's sooooo good at brightening, I sometimes even mix it with my concealer too for mega brightness.

Overall I'm so happy this caught my eye in Superdrug because I love it and it works perfectly for me, anything that helps my darkness gets a huge thumbs up from me that's for sure. Barry M also have a Green corrector to neutralise redness and a Purple corrector to brighten certain areas of the skin, I don't suffer with redness so the Green one would be no use for me but I'm definitely going to give the Purple one a whirl next because I'm intrigued as to how it will brighten. But if your looking for something to help that darkness under your eyes I really cant recommend this enough, I love it!

Have you tried any of Barry M's  Colour Correcting Wands beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!

You can find the Barry M Colour Correcting Wand for £4.49 each HERE.



  1. I was thinking about getting the Urban Decay one, but this sounds just as good for a fraction of the price! Thank you for this, great post!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I'm interested to try this out! I'm currently using the MUA one which is a solid cream type in a pan. I think I'll try this one once that runs out. I'm curious to see which I prefer between the solid and liquid types.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

    Beccah xx


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