Real Techniques Multi Tech 360 Point Makeup Sponge Review

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Real Techniques recently launched a brand new collection named Multi Tech, this collection consists of a variety of makeup brushes for the face and eyes and theres also a nifty new makeup sponge which I couldn't wait to get my hands on. The aim of the new Multi Tech collection is that the entire range can be used in limitless ways, so you can really get the most out of each and every brush and the sponge. Of course being the Real Techniques addict that I am I had to treat myself to something so I decided to go for the makeup sponge first, I have so much love for Real Techniques original Multi Complexion Sponge so I really wanted to see how this new one fared. 
The Real Techniques Multi Tech 360 Point Makeup Sponge comes complete with a silver stand so that you can hygienically store on your sponge on your dressing table. I've never seen a makeup sponge come with a stand before, personally I don't really get any use out of the stand because I tend to just chuck my sponge back into my makeup bag when I've done using it, however I guess it could come in handy when I've washed my sponge as I can stand it on there to dry. 
The sponge itself is a chubby tear drop shape, it has a rounded base, slanted sides and finishes off to a point at the top and it can be used wet or dry with liquid, cream and powder products. The way I like to use my sponge is always damp, it expands well and is bouncy enough to feel soft against my skin but dense enough to get the job done. What I love about the Multi Tech Point Makeup Sponge is that I can use it for pretty much everything when it comes to my base makeup, and I cant believe how quickly and beautifully it blends my liquid foundation and concealer in, I mean I know makeup sponges are usually pretty quick and easy to work with but this one seems to blend so flawlessly for a real soft defused look, my foundation honestly feels weightless like I have nothing on and has never caked up once since using this little beauty. The point of the sponge is great at getting into those hard reach areas around the eyes and nose and I like to use the base and sides to blend my foundation in everywhere else. I also love to cream contour with the Multi Tech sponge too, I use the point to stripe on the product then use the side of my sponge to blend in, again this is so quick and looks so natural and flawless. For cream blush I always use this side of the sponge and for cream highlight I sandwich the sponge in my fingers from the point to the base to create a thin 'fan brush style' sponge.
Overall I found the Multi Tech 360 Point Makeup Sponge amazing to work with and it really made a difference in how flawless my base make up looked, it's so versatile and I'd definitely recommend it to someone who maybe struggles with blending their base make up with brushes or if you like a nice light feeling, flawless finish then you'll love the little sponge.

You can find the Real Techniques Multi Tech 360 Point Makeup Sponge (£9.99) HERE.


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