Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette Review

Hey beaut's!

I think highlighting is my favourite step when applying my makeup, I'm literally obsessed with the look of highlighter on my skin, so when Makeup Revolution launched a brand new Strobe Lighting Palette I couldn't wait to give it a whirl and get my glow on he he.
The Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette* (£8.00) comes in the most gorgeous rose gold packaging with a lovely large compact mirror inside the pull up lid which is always appreciated. The palette itself contains three different highlighting powders that claim to add a stunning glow to the skin, firstly theres a bright white shade which has a stunning turquoise-green  iridescent shift to it, this is also the most intense, pigmented shade in the palette that will have people in space admiring your glow he he. Secondly theres a cream highlighter shade, this is the most subtle highlighter in the palette, it adds a very natural sheen to the cheek bones and has the slightest amount of gold shimmer running through it too. The last highlighter in the palette is a super pretty pink, again it's more on the natural side and wont have you looking like a glazed doughnut but adds a lovely pinky glow to the skin, this will be my go to through Spring for sure.
The formula of all three of the powder highlighters is very easy to blend and work with, long lasting, buildable and their finely milled too but not all of the shades share the same amount of pigmentation, as I said before the white highlighter is really intense where as the cream is super natural and the pink is quite natural too. I think these  shades would be perfect for daytime wear or for anyone who loves highlighter but doesn't want to go all out and prefers something a little bit more reserved and subtle. During the application process the powders do kick up a lot of product, I don't get any fall out whilst applying to my face but the palette does tend to get quite powdery so just bare that in mind if your wearing black jeans during application lol
Overall I do think the strobe lighting palette is nice and I do like the fact the theres a couple of more natural/subtle shades for day time looks when you don't want to go all out, but I must admit I am more of an intense highlighter gal. That being said the pink shade is super pretty and buildable and the white is really striking it's just the cream shade that's a slight let down for me as it blends out super sheer.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette yet beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!

You can find the Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette for £8.00 HERE.



  1. This is such a lovely post. I've never tried cream based highlighting products on the bases they look very cakey but this looks beautiful x

  2. Oh wow this looks so stunning! I feel like I prefer subtle highlights so I'd love this!
    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

  3. They look so pretty, I am a huge fan of Makeup Revolution xx

  4. Great review, I love the look of this palette!
    Grace xx

  5. Really like the look of the palette esp the white highlighter.. Same the cream highlighter is a bit of a let down.. Makeup Revolution have some really great products out at the min!



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