Lush Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb Review

Hey beaut's!

Each year when Lush bring out their Halloween and Christmas collections I get stupidly excited and have to make a trip pretty pronto to stock up, this years collections certainly didn't disappoint with lots of brand new bath bombs and bubble bars to choose from and of course some trusty old favourites too. One bath bomb I couldn't wait to get my mitts on was the new Autumn Leaf bath bomb, this one was released especially for autumn and Halloween, I'm not too sure if it will still be available all throughout Christmas too bit it's definitely still available online right now woohoo.
The Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb £3.75 is as you would expect...super seasonal and autumnal with it's leaf shape and layers of green, yellow and pinky orange, I love it! When I popped this bath bomb in the bath it whizzed and fizzed around changing three colours just like leaves on trees do in the autumn, it went from green to yellow and finally finished leaving my bath water a shimmering golden orange colour. Scent wise...this little Autumn Leaf contains a combination of neroli, sandalwood and maple sap, making this a fresh, woody and super warming scent, theres also an ever so slight sweetness to it too which I really like. It's weird but everything about this bath bomb from the look to the colours and even the smell just reminds me of an autumnal walk in the forest with all the burnt orange leaves crunching underfoot, its so...lush he he!
Overall I'd highly recommend giving this cute Autumn Leaf a whirl, especially if your into your fresh, autumnal scents. It's great for an evening bath when you just want to relax and when I washed my hair in this bath my hair smelt of the Autumn Leaf bath bomb for like two days, it was so nice and really lingered!

You can buy the Lush Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb for £3.75 HERE.



  1. This looks so pretty, definitely going to try and pick one up soon!

    Tiffany X

  2. OMG, it looks soo lovely. The colours are amazing, I think it is Autumn heaven! So wishing I had a bath right now so I can go get one.


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