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Hey beaut's!

Christmas is just 4 weeks away now and if your still looking for ideas and inspiration I have a few fun and quirky gifts to share with you all from Mad Beauty. Mad Beauty is a website which is the home of the Vintage Kellogg's range and the Never Too Old Disney Beauty range as well as a whole host of other beauty and cosmetics items, and theres even stationary and other accessories on the website too, so theres certainly something on there to suit most that you maybe gifting this Christmas. 
Firstly lets kick things of with the Vintage Kellogg's range, the first thing I have is the Lip Balm Cereal Tin* (£9.99) which would be an amazing stocking filler gift for anyone who's into their lip products or of course lip balms. Theres 5 lip balms within this set that all have that vintage 70's look which I think is so cute and quirky, and each lip balm does indeed smell like the cereal for instance the coco pops lip balm smells just like a bowl of coco pops and the fruit loops one smells really sugary sweet. Each lip balm works well and moisturises and nourishes my lips leaving them silky smooth and makes a lovely base for lipsticks to go over. Then I have the Kellogg's 50's Vintage Bath Milk* (£6.99), I love the packaging of this, it looks like a vintage milk carton but actually contains a tuberose and jasmine bath milk perfect for anyone who loves a bit of a pamper session and relaxing soak in the tub!
Next up is a couple of the cutest things from the Never Too Old Disney Beauty range, firstly how sweet are these Disney Alice Bath Fizzers* (£4.99), you get three pink heart shaped bath fizzers in this gift set that all smell of ginger and pear which is such a nice festive fragrance, so if you have anyone in your life that likes something similar to a Lush bath then these are sure to be a winner. Secondly theres the Never Grow Up Lip Gloss Trio* (£5.99), this gift set contains three lip glosses perfect for either splitting up as smaller gifts to be shared between friends or it would make a great stocking filler gift for anyone younger and new to makeup. With the sets theres a Fairy Godmother Gloss, Alice in Wonderland Gloss and a Marry Poppins gloss and all have different fragrances, theres strawberries & cream which is so nice, perfect peach, and my favourite out of them all cheeky cherry, yummy!
If you have a friend who's a nail polish lover then Mad Beauty's Jingle Nails Set* (£3.99) could just be for them, personally I love this set for myself because I'm a sucker for any sparkly/glittery nail polish and this set comes complete with a glittery pink, red and purple and theres even a top coat to complete your manicure.
If your looking for more of a novelty gift this Christmas then this Mad Beauty Santa Baby Hand Wash* (£7.99) will tick all the boxes. I mean I just adore the packaging of this, it literally has Santa's little legs stuck down a chimney, hahaha! Within the quirky packaging lives the Santa Baby Hand Wash, it has a super wintry scent of spiced apple which is so so nice and the bottle itself is really big too (250ml) so it will definitely last a long time.
Lastly but in no means least is the MAD Beauty Bling Thing Makeup Brush Case and Brushes* (£14.99). This set includes 5 make brushes total, theres a powder brush, blush brush, a flat eyeshadow brush, a lip brush and finally an angled liner/brow brush all of which come complete in a rhinestone encrusted velvet effect case. Now I'm a huge makeup brush lover, I even collect them, so I couldn't wait to give these a whirl and I have to say these are probably some of the softest brushes I own which is really saying something, I honestly couldn't believe how soft and fluffy they are, and they all work brilliantly during blending and application. 

Have you bought any Christmas prezzies from Mad Beauty beaut's? Which ones did you go for? I'd love to know.



  1. I haven't bought any Christmas presents yet (only my best friends) but I think that Kellogg's vintage range is so cool- I love stuff like that.

  2. Hi Hayley, love your blog name! These are some gorgeous gift ideas! I actually got the Coco Puff lip balm in my stocking last year! x

  3. These are such great ideas, I love the kelloggs vintage range


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